Monday, 27 February 2017

200 Club

February 200 Club Draw

Here are the winners from Friday night (24th).

120  Linda Carpenter Cox
227  David and Karen Swan
138  Michaela Hall
147  Mike Christie

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Art... far beyond Nocton

The war in Syria

As I scour the web for news to publish on the blog each morning, the following article made a real impact on me yesterday. It made me think about what might happen if ever this type of conflict were to affect our secure (and some would say privileged) lives in Nocton.

Just imagine for one minute, having to flee your home and village at short notice, deciding which cherished possessions to take with you... and how you might persuade other family members that the only way to stay safe is to seek refuge elsewhere.

It demonstrated to me how art can sometimes be a more powerful medium, than the live news images that are broadcast each day.

Turning pebbles into pictures of the war in Syria

'The imagery is all too familiar. A family on the move, their meagre belongings carried on their heads; a cluster of frightened children gripping a mother figure; the body of a victim cradled on the ground by a woman.'

Syria's Civil War Explained

'The Syrian civil war is the deadliest conflict the 21st century has witnessed thus far.'

How the UK is responding

UK and Syria

UK response to the Syria crisis

On this Sunday morning, I think it is fitting to conclude with the artist's own words:

"I am a human before anything else. The conflict has caused me a lot of pain and I sometimes can't sleep at night,"

"My only consolation is the work I do and therefore I don't see it as a source of revenue. It is pure passion for stone art. I want to communicate human emotions that people everywhere in the world share, such as love, hope, and sadness."

Nizar Ali Badr

Saturday, 25 February 2017

All Saints Church, Nocton - graveyard

Plan of the graveyard

Please click on the link to view a spreadsheet master plan of our local graveyard. This incorporates an Index to the Register, with details of all memorial inscriptions and an overall plan of grave locations.

N.B. The memorial inscriptions are denoted by a small triangle in the corner of the entry and can be viewed if you download the document and open it with Microsoft Excel.

I must thank Liz Murray for carrying out the extensive research work to pull this data together and for her time creating the initial Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Thanks also to Rector Lorna Brabin-Smith for permission to publish.

My role has been simple in comparison, by merging the spreadsheet to integrate all information and making sure this is published online.

My next project is to photograph and Index all images in support of the data displayed.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Parish bills

Rising despite squeeze

I refer to my blog dated 3 February 2017 notifying details for the last Parish Council meeting.

There are now UK-wide reports of bills having to increase to cover local costs of running parishes.

Parish council tax bills rise despite squeeze

'Villagers paying council tax are seeing their parish bills rise at a higher rate than the share they pay to larger authorities.'

It seems Nocton Parish Council are not on their own in having to announce an increase. Our Parish is facing a % age rise for 2017/18 of 16.3%.

Next Parish Council meeting: Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 7.00pm

North Kesteven District Council - Council Tax 2017/18

At the meeting last night (Thursday 23 February @ 17.00hrs), the following figures were presented (see Appendix 6 for the total figures payable for Nocton):

Valuation Band
A. £1,066.69
B. £1,244.47
C. £1,422.25
D. £1,600.03
E. £1,955.60
F. £2,311.16
G. £2,666.72
H. £3,200.07


North Kesteven District Council
A. £103.20
B. £120.40
C. £137.60
D. £154.80
E. £189.20
F. £223.60
G. £258.00
H. £309.60

Lincolnshire County Council
A. £782.28
B. £912.66
C. £1,043.04
D. £1,173.42
E. £1,434.18
F. £1,694.94
G. £1,955.70
H. £2,346.84

Police and Crime Commissioner
A. £136.98
B. £159.81
C. £182.64
D. £205.47
E. £251.13
F. £296.79
G. £342.45
H. £410.94

Parish Council
A. £44.23
B. £51.60
C. £58.97
D. £66.34
E. £81.09
F. £95.83
G. £110.57
H. £132.69

Council tax rise approved for North Kesteven residents

'A council tax rise of 3.3% has been approved for residents living in the North Kesteven district.'

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Nocton Village Hall - redevelopment

New Village Hall Draft Plans

I refer to my blog dated 17 February 2017  and also the Agenda for the meeting of the Rebuilding Sub-Committee meeting held on 21 February 2017.  This is an update following the meeting:
"As promised a quick run down on the meeting of the Sub Committee last night.
  1. Agreed to recommend to the Parish Council that the project go forward for planning.  Next meeting Parish Council Tuesday 14 March  at 7pm.
  2. Kitchen wall to events hall be moved out up to a metre.
  3. Store for Club to be on the outside wall to enable deliveries.
  4. Proposed closure September 2017.
  5. The Social Club to produce a draft design of the internal layout of the Club within the next 4 weeks.
  6. Plans will be posted on Village Hall Notice Board and email copies available, when finalised for Planning.
  7. Date of next Sub Committee meeting Tuesday 21 March 2017 at 6pm.
Kind regards,