Thursday, 5 May 2016

Network Rail - Great Northern Great Eastern line

Problems of noise

I have previously reported on Network Rail's upgrade of the Great Northern Great Eastern line.

I now see Stephen Phillips QC MP has sought a debate in the House of Commons to highlight the significant problems encountered by many residents who live close to the 'improved' line. He should be commended for highlighting this issue... and I hope there will be a positive outcome for those people inconvenienced by the upgrade.

Even though our cottage is situated half a mile (approx. 0.8 km) away from the upgraded rail line, we have noticed increased noise in the village. Prior to the upgrade, it was only on a rare occasion we heard rail traffic... now it is frequent.

It must be very troublesome for those residents whose properties actually back on to the line and they deserve some compensation for the inconvenience and possible reduction in value of their asset and lifestyle.

Upcoming Business - Commons: Debate in Westminster Hall (5 May 2016)

Compensation for residents affected by the upgrade of the Great Northern Great Eastern railway line - Stephen Phillips.

Parliamentary debate 5/5/16: Compensation for residents affected by the upgrade of the Great Northern Great Eastern railway line

This is a short overview of the issues that may be discussed in the debate in Westminster Hall on 5 May 2016 between 1.30 and 3.00pm.

Coverage of the meeting

Meeting started at 1.30pm, ended 4.24pm

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Superfast broadband - no update

All quiet on the Western Front

Despite the latest update from Onlincolnshire: 'Delayed cabinets - Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Cabinet is stood and powered. Estimated completion early May', there has been no further work on the new fibre Cabinet 17. Nor is there any further information on potential solutions for the 14 properties who are connected to the fibre Cabinet 3 located at Dunston who cannot currently get BT Infinity.

You may be interested in the following articles about BT services though.

BT prepares ultrafast broadband investment for two million homes to tackle Ofcom threat

'The centrepiece of the plan is understood to be the rollout of fibre optics to two million premises, replacing the ageing copper wire that most Britons currently rely on for internet access.'

BT increases cost of landline, broadband, calls and TV for millions of customers

'The majority of BT’s 7.9million broadband customers will also see a rise in bills.'

Misleading broadband prices to be reformed in major crackdown - as BT faces ban over TV adverts

'Three adverts by Britain's biggest telecoms provider have been banned for making misleading claims about the quality of its broadband being better than rivals.'

Renew your BT package and get a new Hub 4

I have just received a letter from BT offering 'Enjoy broadband with less interruptions - renew your BT package and get a new Hub 4'.

I'm sure this is incidental, although just recently our service went down for two days due to the deteriorating aluminium wiring in a duct somewhere between Metheringham Cabinet 3 and our property.

This unsolicited offer includes a free upgrade to the Home Hub 4 (with £7.95 delivery charge) and to retain any special offers on broadband that I am currently receiving (on the same terms... which will end on the date we initially agreed).

I am usually suspicious of such 'deals', but rang through to the BT's Call Centre to check the validity of the letter, where I was offered a 12 month renewal of £13.00 per month broadband (unlimited); £17.99 line rental and £6.50 for unlimited anytime calls.

As I am currently paying £11.60 for my unlimited broadband per month; £17.99 line rental and £5.65 for unlimited anytime calls, this didn't seem beneficial (I do not have caller display or BT answer 1571), so didn't take up that offer.

So I have signed up for the free Hub 4 deal online and will wait to see what I am charged on my next bill - but also to see what happens after the general rise in prices on 3rd July.

Why do I have the feeling that this offer is too good to be true... ending up with me having to contact BT customer services again?

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Unfinished roads

My last report on this matter was 4th April - so what has been completed in four weeks?

New drainage pipes have been installed with new kerbs laid and it is encouraging to see work progressing. Some would say more manpower should be thrown at the task to get the job completed quicker... but I suppose like everything, it comes down to money and overall profit.

There is still inconvenience for residents, as some are still unable to access driveways with their vehicles having to be parked elsewhere. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel - residents may finally get to see the culmination of this development - with a top surface of tarmac being laid from Nocton Park Rd right through to the final phase on Wegberg Rd, sometime during the summer months of 2016.

Let's hope so.

View up Wegberg Rd

New kerbing being installed

Junction with Khormaksar Drive

Leading to Phase 3 development

Phase 3 development

Saturday, 30 April 2016

200 Club

Winners of the April Draw

1st [157] Mr W I Gall
2nd [193] Cliff and Val Baxendale
3rd [119] David Glew

Friday, 29 April 2016

Nocton Cricket Club - Match Report

Nocton CC v Bracebridge Heath 2nd team, Sunday April 24th

A beautiful setting for village cricket
This was the first game of the season for Nocton, last week’s fixtures were cancelled due to waterlogged pitches all over the county! There is a really good team spirit amongst the players at the start of this season; they all pulled together to make sure the pitch and square were good enough and we had a full team of 11 players under new skipper Dylan Garfoot.

Nocton’s wickets are always unpredictable and this one was no exception. Fast bowling wasn’t needed and both Dylan Garfoot and Mikey Atkinson reverted to spin. Bracebridge’s opener, Ollie Bentley, is always a dangerous batsman and has scored heavily against us in the past but Atkinson removed him without scoring. The rest of the Bracebridge team batted very cautiously, played few attacking shots and scored hardly any boundaries (mind you, the grass was a bit long near the boundaries!). They only made it to 60 all out after 32 overs with the wickets being shared equally amongst the Nocton bowlers.

A near miss for Mikey Atkinson
David Franklin, our wicketkeeper all last season, reminded us that he bowls some tidy leg spinners and took 2 late wickets for no runs. The Nocton innings showed that runs CAN be scored on our track. Rather than watching to see what the ball would do, Dylan Garfoot simply walked down towards the bowler, met the ball as it pitched and hit it with immense power making 42* mainly in sixes and fours. His final six, to win the match, soared over the outfield, the boundary and the 12 foot high hedge into the field beyond. Game over in 47 balls!

Skipper Dylan Garfoot in full swing, another 6
Mikey Atkinson and Paul Carrot treated the bowling in the same way. It was a great start to the season even though it was numbingly cold! You would be very welcome to come and join us at any home game; a list of home games appears in the Nocton News. Our next home games are May 15th against Rustons in the cup competition and May 22nd against Hykeham in the league.

Congratulations for Isaac Appleyard

Paul Carrot pulls to the boundary
Match report and photographs - Jonathan Sides