Sunday, 29 May 2016

Superfast broadband - update


My last blog on this matter was dated 22nd May 2016.

Project Update - Week ending 27th May 2016

'Delayed cabinets - Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Site meeting held with Highways Authority and sub-contractor; cannot re-shell the pillar in its current position as stood on the foundations of the post office. Pillar will have to be moved across the road.'

My update

There was another site meeting on Friday 27th May between BT, BT Openreach and Carillion telent - I managed to speak with the guy from BT.

It appears the cabinet Pillar 3/2 cannot be re-shelled because of its location abutting the wall of the Post Office. One solution would be to replace the newly installed fibre Cabinet 17 with a cabinet that can combine Pillar 3/2 and Cabinet 17 content/services. The other solution would be to erect an extra cabinet as a replacement for Pillar 3/2. There may also be further road works required.

BT are clearly aware of the issues facing those local residents still connected by a legacy line to Cabinet 3 at Dunston and it is now part of their project to review these. It is hoped there will be sufficient spare existing lines to connect these properties from the telegraph pole in Main Street to the new fibre cabinet. If not, it will require extra work and cost which will need to be considered.

Finally, there appear to be more positive noises emanating from the various people I am speaking to; there is certainly more awareness of our issue. Rightly or wrongly, I am feeling more optimistic that a solution will be found to our broadband 'problem'.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Airsoft event - RAF Nocton Hall

Operation Dark Heart

I have previously reported on the intentions of Ai500 to use the old hospital site for Airsoft events:
  1. Details of a meeting between Leda Properties / Kemp and Kemp / Parish Council and North Kesteven District Council dated 9th May 
  2. Supplementary information in my blog dated 10th May 2016
  3. Report of the Annual Parish Meeting dated 18th May 2016.
You may like to know that Ai500 is now advertising the event - this includes details of the dates, ticket price and a map of the area to be used.

This is an extract from Ai500's Facebook page, posted Thursday 26th May:

"Welcome to Ai500: DARK HEART

After the embarrassment of defeat at the Titan Research Facility, the Vipers fled, bedraggled, wounded and damaged. The Mongoose faction attempted to pursue them but the conflict had taken it's toll on them too. Enraged by the inability to chase down his foe and seal victory by crushing the enemy entirely, their leader resolved to stand fast and muster their full strength again before finishing the task... for who knows what evil lurks in the heart's of man?

October 22/23
Location RAF Nocton Hall
Ticket price £100
£20 discount for players that attended Op Titan."

This is the outline map for the area.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Window from Nocton

Poppies show to First World War fallen opens two days early

'People will marvel at the photographic reproductions of stained glass, including a window from Nocton commemorating the Lincoln tank and tank gunner Leslie Halkes Wray, from Lincoln, who was killed in action at Cambrai on November 20, 1917, when his tank 'Ella' received a direct hit.'

Poppies: Wave at Lincoln Castle set for early completion

'Wave will be open to the public earlier than planned, with two public preview days from 10am on Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27, ahead of the busy Bank Holiday weekend.'

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nocton Cricket Club - Match Report

Nocton CC v Hykeham - Sunday 22nd May 2016

Nocton won by 7 wickets

Last Thursday’s weather forecast promised non-stop rain for our area on Sunday so pitch preparation was made with no confidence at all. In the event it was a beautiful afternoon, Nocton won the toss and decided to bowl first. We have a pretty impressive record against Hykeham but the start we made in this game caught a lot of us by surprise – especially me! I turned up at 2.15 to start taking photographs and analysing the match. When I arrived Hykeham were already 10 for 4 thanks to Mikey Atkinson’s aggressive bowling and 2 run outs by Miles Lynch and Isaac Appleyard. No batter from the visiting team had the chance to settle in and runs were very slow coming as the Nocton fielders were really sharp. Nearly all the bowlers chipped in with a wicket but Paul Carrott, bowling his off breaks as third change, bowled an excellent line and really turned the ball as well taking 3 wickets in just 11 balls. In less than 24 overs Hykeham were all out for just 43 runs. Both teams had a very early tea!!

Skipper Dylan Garfoot changed the Nocton batting order quite a bit to give some of the others a chance to bat but a target of 44 was never going to be difficult and Mikey Atkinson was the only batter to make double figures (12*) in the whole game. He hit the winning runs to end the game with Nocton at 44-3 after just 9 overs. So, after winning all three of their cup matches Nocton are in the semi-finals on the Major Hoult Cup for the first time in … well, ages! Not sure who we’ll be playing against but it will be an away game on July 10th. There are no matches now for 2 weeks then we have 3 home games in a row on June 19th, 26th and July 3rd against Ancaster, Reepham and Horncastle respectively.

You may find Nocton players and committee members trying to sell you raffle tickets in the next month. This will be our main fund raiser of the year and we certainly need all the financial help we can get so please support the club by buying a ticket or two (or more!).

Report and photographs courtesy of Jonathan Sides

Plate 1 - The bails fly as Rob Appleyard bowls Ciaran Elliott of Hykeham

Plate 2 - Nocton close fielders looking sharp

Plate 3 - Jordan Brown mishits a ball from Paul Carrott. It went a long way up…

Plate 4 - ...and came down into the safe hands of Miles Lynch

Plate 5 - An amusing moment between Dylan and Miles

Plate 6 - Mikey Atkinson leading the Nocton batters
towards a comfortable victory