Sunday, 28 September 2014

200 Club

September Results

Well done to all who were successful in the draw:

1st prize - Becky Reay, Nocton Park Road,
2nd prize - David Reay,Nocton Park Road
3rd prize - Lesley Musson, The Bridleway

Friday, 26 September 2014

Bridle Path


Good to see that the Bridle Path has had a short, back and sides. There is debris on the path, especially on the section between the location where the estate road intersects the bridleway and the public footpath to the reservoir. It appears the wind has blown loose material through the hedge and deposited it onto the path. If you are cycling to or from Dunston, just beware - you could get a puncture. The rest of the bridleway appears to be clear.

Looking back towards Nocton

Looking towards Dunston

Thursday, 25 September 2014



Nocton Open Gardens 2015
The story so far....

On a warm summer's evening, 13 enthusiastic gardeners met to talk about the possibility of opening our gardens in 2015.

We agreed we are all interested in the idea and decided the weekend to have our inaugural event  should be:-
  • Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st June 2015
There are pros and cons to having gardens open just for one or both days but on the whole we felt we should aim for both. Having a biannual event is considered the best way forward.

Why do we want to do it?
  • To share our love of gardens and gardening with others.
  • To raise funds for our community through the entrance fee and sale of refreshments.
All local villages who have opened gardens this year charged £3 and sold refreshments too. We agreed to publicise our event in aid of Village Charities and to decide upon which cause to support nearer the time.

What standard should be aim for?
We agreed this should be a collective and something enjoyable for us all to do.  Some gardens will be small and others large. Nocton Gardens have such diversity that visitors will enjoy seeing something of everything amateur gardeners have to offer. Most gardeners who have expressed interest in opening their gardens so far are from the older part of the village and we hope we can extend the route by more gardeners wishing to join in.

There will of course need to be a coherent route for visitors to take their tour of the Open Gardens which could include other points of interest from the arts trail.

Do we need any funds and how will we promote it?
We need a programme with a map to be printed and signs to be made for each garden. We discussed ways to begin telling people about the Open Gardens and the new Gardening Club.
Nearer the time we can use our contacts and newsletters which should all be free however there will be a charge for the promotional materials such as signs and banners so we will be seeking some start up funding for this.

Where are we now?
It's still early days but whilst we are closing down our gardens for winter we need to plan for what we want to see blooming in June.
You may be keen to include your garden in the event and we will be pleased to hear from you. If we have too many gardens we can share the load between the two days or even consider keeping some for later years.

If you would like to be involved in the planning or help to run this exciting event please do contact me and I will include you in our next Open Gardens Meeting to be held in the new year.

Julie Partridge (amateur gardener)
Thyme Cottage

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nocton Doodle - delay

September Edition

I received the following email late last night:

"Hi Everyone
I’ve had a bit of a busy time in the last 2 weeks and spent the majority of time away.  With the October Doodle deadline looming (next Friday 26th September), 3 Doodle delivery people away on holiday and at least 2 organisations not ‘back up to speed’ since the summer holidays, I have decided to combine the September and October issues into a bigger edition due out around the 14th October. I’m including the details of some things here that are relevant to the next few weeks and have attached the information about the Lincolnshire Day celebrations to this email as well.
All advertisers will be credited one more month on their current advertising plans.
Thank you for your understanding and I hope to receive all your new news and club information by next Friday 26th for September for a really good, autumn, bumper magazine.  If you submit as normal, I will combine what you previously submitted for you.  Please feel free to forward this email, publish it onto Blogs, print it out for those who do not have a computer or even just pass on the news in a chat.
Jilly B
“the Doodle”
  • All Saints Church Harvest Celebrations, Service in Church 4pm, Supper in the Village Hall 5.30pm, Sunday 21st September, details 01526 322739
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning, Nocton Community Primary School, 9am – 10.30am, Friday 26th September
  • Macmillan Merry Macs GIANT Coffee Morning, Lincoln City Square, 10am – 5pm, Saturday 27th September
  • Open Afternoon for  Prospective Pupils & Parents due to start Sept 2015, Nocton Community Primary School, 1.30pm – 2.30pm, Tuesday 30th September
  • Quiz Night for Macmillan, Nocton Club, 7.30pm start, Friday 10th October
  • All Saints Church open for visitors every Friday, 2pm – 4pm, until the end of October
  • All Saints Church children’s Activities, Friday 31st October, 6-7.30pm – more details to follow
  • Nocton Christmas Fayre, Village Hall, Saturday 29th November – more details to follow"