Monday, 23 January 2017

Fly above Nocton Hall

Drone footage

Eerily fascinating drone footage has been shot by a Lincoln videographer above the ruins of the abandoned Nocton Hall.

This was featured in The Lincolnite today.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Properties for sale

Nocton property market

Heritage properties

4 bedroom detached house [Grade II Listed]
The Garden House, Nocton Hall

3 bedroom cottage [Significant Unlisted Building]
3, Old Ten Row, Main Street

Stonewell Homes

4 bedroom detached house
Plot 1, Hodgson Close, Wellhead Lane

6 bedroom detached house
Plot 2, Hodgson Close, Wellhead Lane

4 bedroom detached house
Plot 4, Hodgson Close, wellhead Lane

Persimmon Homes

5 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

6 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

5 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

4 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

4 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

Sowerby Homes

3 bedroom semi-detached house
Holly Close, Nocton Park

3 bedroom semi-detached house
Holly Close, Nocton Park


4 bedroom detached house
Parklands Avenue

2 bedroom end-terrace house
Akrotiri Square, Nocton Park

2 bedroom ground floor flat
Khormaksar Drive, Nocton Park

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Superfast broadband - update

BT Infinity

More people are upgrading their broadband service following the installation of fibre cabinet 17.

After years of suffering buffering with a meagre 2 or 3 Mbps, I am now getting 54 Mbps download speed and in excess of 8 Mbps upload speed, transforming my web browsing experience.

I know of at least twelve other residents who have since upgraded their broadband to fibre and are now enjoying download speeds of between 35 and 60 Mbps.

Thanks must go to Steve Brookes [Onlincolnshire] and Ian McEwan [BT Openreach] for resolving the fibre problem in Nocton, without whom I would still be encumbered by a slow copper service from Cab 3.

If you haven't notified me already, I would appreciate a comment below advising me of your increased broadband speed if you have upgraded to fibre. A comparison with what you were getting beforehand would be useful too.

Many thanks.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Planning application - Nocton Park

Planning Sub Committee - outcome

16/1413/FUL Plot 72a - Formerly 27 Steamer Point Rd, Nocton

I refer to my last blog on this matter.

I understand that the application was refused permission by Committee members last night. The vote was 12 Against, 6 For, with 3 Abstentions.

This is twice now that the Planning Committee has refused a development on this plot - it remains to be seen if the developer decides to appeal to the Planning Inspector in due course.

Perhaps Sowerby Homes should focus instead on laying the final surface to all access roads into the Nocton Park development?

This is a very poor audio recording for the Eastgate Planning Sub Committee held on 17th January 2017 [this is due to the implementation of a new sound system for NKDC].

The Nocton application commences some 28 minutes or so into the meeting.