Saturday, 24 February 2018

Nocton and Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan - amendment

NKDC Meeting 28 Feb 2018

There is a 'Neighbourhood Planning' item that appears on the Agenda of the Communities and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel, due to be held at the offices of North Kesteven District Council on Wed 28 Feb 2018 at 5.00pm.

This will incorporate a report from the Partnerships Manager, but will also include a representation from Nocton Parish Council.

Please see the following extracts from the Parish Council Minutes/Notes, which gives more information:

Parish Council Minutes dated 12 Dec 2017

Item 112: Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan – Growth Targets

"The Parish Council’s attention had been drawn to the apparent interpretation being given by NKDC Planning Officers to the housing growth targets for Nocton and Potterhanworth and to the relationship between the policies of the NPPF, the Local and the Neighbourhood Plan.  This had led to a recent planning application for a single dwelling in Potterhanworth being recommended for approval despite strong local objection, including from its Parish Council.

As a consequence, the Parish Council was extremely concerned to learn that, as things stood, the Neighbourhood Plan may prove to be less effective in preventing development which did not accord with local wishes than was originally understood to be the case.

The Parish Council agreed the terms of a suggested response to NKDC which outlined its extreme disquiet at the apparent situation and calling for an urgent meeting with its Planning Officers to consider what action could be taken to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan was used as residents of both villages intended.  The meeting would also seek to involve representatives of Potterhanworth Parish Council and our local district councillors.

In the meantime, it was agreed that DCllr Kendrick would feedback the Council’s views to NKDC and report back to the Parish Council."

Notes of the Parish Council Meeting dated 30 Jan 2018

Item 128: Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan

"Following the Examiner’s amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP), it is not able to provide the degree of protection from unwanted/unwarranted development within the two villages as was clearly the intention when the Plan was first developed.  A system for the modification of any NP is, however, possible via a new and untested process.

It was proposed by Cllr Murray, seconded by Cllr Goldsworthy and it was RESOLVED that the modification of the NP be undertaken to make the changes required and that the NP Steering Group be reconvened to develop the required amendment to the NP for submission to the local Planning Authority in accordance with the relevant procedures as defined in the Neighbourhood Planning Act, 2017 (the Act).

This will involve a six week period of consultation and an independent re-examination of the NP.  It was noted that the procedure does not require the holding a further local referendum and it is hoped that the necessary submission to NKDC can be made by the end of April.

A similar proposal is being made by Potterhanworth Parish Council at its January meeting."

Friday, 23 February 2018

Beeswax Dyson Farming - planning approval


Application: Erection of a potato store building and associated infrastructure
Location: Land Adjacent To Nocton Woods, Nocton, Lincolnshire

This planning application was mentioned in my blog dated 17 Dec 2017 and has recently been approved by the local planning authority.

Decision Notice [15 Feb 2018]
"Whilst of significant scale the proposals are considered to be of importance to the continued operations of the Nocton Estate and for the purpose of agriculture in terms of policy LP55 of the CLLP, the benefit of which would outweigh any harm caused, which it is considered would be minor in this instance."

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Council Tax - 2018/19

Expect an increase

I have tried to identify the expected increases due for the forthcoming financial year from various sources. Some of these figures have yet to be formally agreed, as shown in the source documents.

Band D                                            This Year      Next Year         Increase
                                                          2017/18         2018/19
                                                               £                    £
Lincolnshire County Council            1,173.42        1,231.47                4.95%
Police and Crime Commissioner         205.47           217.44                5.83%
North Kesteven District Council          154.80           159.75                3.20%
Town/Parish Precepts                           66.35             68.91                3.86%

Total Average Council Tax              1,600.04         1,677.57  *           4.85%

* Still to be confirmed

Lincolnshire County Council

"Lincolnshire county councillors will make a final decision on plans to increase council tax by 4.95% at a meeting of the full council.

The council will meet in Lincoln on Friday, February 23 to set the budget for 2018-19.
The planned 4.95% rise includes a general 2.95% council tax increase, which is just under the 3% maximum before the council would have to hold a referendum.

Lincolnshire County Council is also able to add a further 2% to the council tax bills to cover its responsibilities in delivering adult social care.

Band D properties will be asked to pay around £58 more a year, increasing from £1,173.42 to £1,231.47."

North Kesteven District Council

Taking account of the above demands, the average Council Tax at Band D for 2018/19 could be set as follows: £159.75.

Source: see document 

Police and Crime Commissioner

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones will increase his share of council tax by 5.8% after councillors approved the plans.

Band D properties will now pay £217.44 annually instead of £205.47 under the proposals.

Nocton Parish Council

The effect of this budget on a Nocton Council Taxpayer (Band D equivalent) would be an increase of £2.56 in the annual sum paid to fund the Parish Council (the “precept”) from £66.35 in 2017/18 to £68.91 in 2018/19 – an increase of 3.86%.