Tuesday, 12 June 2018

'Nocton in Lincolnshire' - blog closing

Goodbye and thankyou

I have lived in the village since Jul 2005 and established this blog in Jan 2007. The original aim was to record much of the miscellany relating to village history left lying around in cardboard boxes, thus making it available online for others to read.

It then morphed into a campaigning blog during Nocton Dairies plan to establish a huge factory farm on Nocton Heath. The blog has since transformed into a resource for advertising local events and happenings in and around the village, occasionally for providing comment on public administration and planning applications.

After much deliberation, I feel it is now time to get on with my life and enjoy my retirement, without constantly seeking items to keep the blog populated. The existing material will remain 'live' for archive purposes, however it will no longer be maintained or kept up to date.

The following resources will still be available for your local information:
  • 'What's on in Nocton' [published on Facebook]
  • 'The Nocton News' [published by Nocton Parish Council]

Thanks for reading my blog over the years, wherever you are located... and goodbye.

Stewardship margins - Nocton Estate
[photo taken 11 June 2018]

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