Friday, 19 March 2010

Nocton Dairies Ltd - leaflet

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If you are interested in reading an Information Leaflet circulating around the village of Nocton, please click on the link below:

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Nocton Dairies Ltd submits further documents in support of their Planning Application

This is to let you know that the North Kesteven District Council has recently received amended details relating to the planning application for development.  
  1. Submission of addendum to Environmental Statement incorporating additional details relating to the proposed Nocton Dairy farming system, the site selection process, an interim archaeological trenching survey, tree survey and interim landscape mitigation plan, and further assessments of noise, vibration, air quality/odour modelling, dust and fly control, flora and fauna, ground conditions, water quality/aquifer protection, visual impact, traffic and transport (including Travel Plan), lighting, socio-economic impacts, sustainability and infrastructure, and impacts relating to the proposed effluent distribution pipelines.
  2. Submission of amended plan (Figure 10.1 Revision B) showing existing and proposed slurry distribution pipelines, storage reservoirs and proposed spreading areas
  3. Submission of amended plans (RAC 4448 1 Revision C and RAC 4448 26 Revision A) incorporating minor modifications to the extent of land edged blue (within the applicant’s ownership) along Grange Lane.
  4. Additional information received regarding the potential direct and indirect economic benefits.
Any comments you wish to make on the above application must be received in writing by 9th April 2010.

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Road Closure
Signs have appeared on the B1188 Lincoln to Sleaford road, showing that it will be closed to traffic between Branston and the Potterhanworth crossroads (B1178) on the following dates:
  •  19th March (1900hrs) - 21st March 2010 (2200hrs)
  • 26th March (1900hrs) - 28th March 2010 (2200hrs)
  • 9th April (1900hrs) - 11th April 2010 (2200hrs)
I assume suitable route diversions will be in place.


  1. I have just noticed that NKDC is supporting in principle the proposal for a Digester at Wasps Nest. The report (posted on 22nd March) states that there is no connection with the Dairy application but refers to it throughout. If it goes ahead, there's another 28k tons of slurry for our surrounding fields! The report can be found at:

    Ian Goldsworthy

  2. re last comment on the Nocton Fen Digester - I think the web link I quoted is wrong - apologies. It's on the NKDC planning site under planning application no: 10/0206/CCC


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