Thursday, 8 April 2010

Nocton Dairies Ltd - important meeting

Potterhanworth Meeting * TONIGHT *

8th April 2010 (7.30pm)

An information evening has been arranged for residents in local villages to find out more about the proposal for a 'Super-Dairy' on Nocton/Dunston Heath.

It is hoped that a representative of Nocton Dairies Ltd will be attending to take part in the debate.

The meeting is being chaired by Councillor Marianne Overton  and is being held at: The Chequers, Potterhanworth.


Health; Employment; Pollution; Environmental; Transport; Animal Welfare; Demise of the Dairy Farmer; Sustainability and Other Issues.


A well attended meeting with all issues debated.  'Exit Poll' slips requesting that attendees identify anonymously 'For' or 'Against' the proposed dairy, showed:  77 attendees 'Against' - 3 attendees 'For'.

Super Dairy - by Neil Parish

An interesting piece from the Conservative Candidate for Tiverton and Honiton. The closing statement especially so: 'I place several provisos on the Nocton plan. It must not herald the end of family farms. It must not mistreat the cows. And it must not tarnish the dairy industry’s public image. The industry must be fully aware that it receives a lot of public cash and therefore must be answerable to the public. That is why it is the industry’s job to explain the merits of the Nocton project and educate about the twin need to maintain our family farms'.

e-Petition @ Number10

There are now 1,231 signatories to this petition.

Early Day Motion - Update

There are now 172 MPs who have signed this Motion. It is receiving support from a cross-section of all Political Parties.

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