Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nocton Dairies Ltd - countryfile

Countryfile - 24th October 2010

'Adam Henson visits a farm in the United States with a dairy herd of thirty-two thousand cows to ask whether the UK should adopt the same intensive methods. Meanwhile, Ellie Harrison brings in the harvest at a Monmouthshire vineyard, and Tom Heap investigates alternatives to the plastic packaging which surrounds our food'.


Make Mine Milk campaign enjoying online success


CIWF raises funds to launch anti-Nocton bus campaign


Fears for future of County Farms



  1. I have a passion of which a lame horse cannot compete, neither can a lame cow happily produce milk. How is it right to keep an animal that becomes lame due to being inside and contracting diseases in the internal organs morally right???

  2. I do wish Countryfile would stop wasting time jumping around all over the place - the item on deep litter dairy farming was cut in the middle; the shallow bit about recycling and so called 'energy from waste' said nothing about the noxious emmisions and CO2 from these plants. Covering items in solid blocks would negate the need for all the pointless recaping and give time for a bit more depth.

  3. I watched with shock and horror at the proposal to bring these vast consentration farms to GB. We all know that it is not right. Its all kept under wraps until they have its all under way and then let the public know. What do they feed all these cows on this scale? I don't recall it being mentioned. Cows are normally found out in the open fields grazing. What are they being fed?. Is this why we and the Americans have weight problems. The cows are like the human prisoners in concentration camps. Just because they are producing milk on vast scales does not mean they are happy. They produce milk for a calf that they have just had taken from them. Just because they don't moo and are quiet doesn't mean they are happy. Prisoners have no voice. We need to be on top of this before we have the vast lakes of urine and waste which has to be disposed of. We haven't been able to sort our own human waste problems let alone create this one. This will be devastating if it is allowed to go ahead. The answer is NO to it going ahead.


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