Saturday, 28 May 2011

Green credentials

UK farmers show off green credentials

'THE high environmental standards set by UK farmers have been showcased to experts at a major environmental conference in Brussels this week.'

Can I stop a farmer spraying pesticides close to my home?

'Many farmers routinely spray their crops with pesticides, but can neighbours demand their concerns be considered?'

UK says it will ignore medical advice on pesticide-spraying

'Ecologist: Public will not have to be notified when crops, fields or parks are being sprayed with pesticides, despite warnings from the British Medical Association.'

Controversial pesticides linked to 'total ecological collapse' of insects and birds

'Widespread use of insecticides affecting bee populations but also causing decline in numbers of birds, butterflies and moths, warns Dutch toxicologist.'

NFU pesticides legislation view

'In December DEFRA published its response to a consultation on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive, that could have serious implications for UK growers.'

Overuse of drugs in animal farming linked to growing antibiotic-resistance in humans

'Urgent calls from health experts to reduce antibiotic use on intensive farms are largely resisted by the agribusiness food lobby, who downplay its role in the spread of antibiotic resistance in humans.'

EU urged to tackle animal antibiotic resistance

'MEPs have called for the EU Commission to tackle the threat of widespread antibiotic resistance (AMR) in farm animals.'

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