Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Legal Advice

Lincolnshire Dairy Farm

'Following widespread concern, on 16 February 2011 Nocton Dairies withdrew their application to build a dairy accommodating 3,770 cows.'


Incidentally, I visited the website of Nocton Dairies Ltd to see if there was any truth in a rumour that Messrs Willes and Barnes have leased out their land to other local farmers/land agents for the next five years for arable production.  Despite announcing 'Watch this space...' there has been no further entries in their 'News' section since 24 March 2011, so perhaps this is just local gossip!

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how the consortium intends to communicate with local residents if ever it is thought to be necessary in the future.

Nocton Dairies controversy

You can still obtain information on the history of the contentious campaign here on Wikipedia:



And you can still obtain information on the underlying issues from the Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations' website:


You may wish to note that dairy farmers continue to lobby Government.

Dairy farmers to lobby MPs

'TEN dairy farmers from across Yorkshire and the North East are heading to Westminster on Tuesday (June 21) to highlight the crisis facing the sector and seek the support of MPs.'


Kendall v Browning: How will mega farms affect the future of British farming?

'Following on from their appearances at the recent WI AGM, NFU president Peter Kendall and Soil Association director Helen Browning continue their debate on the merits of large scale farms.'


Marks and Spencer unveils milk supply contract

'A unique new milk pricing formula being rolled out by Marks and Spencer is earning dedicated dairy farmers up to 29.45p/litre...'


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