Saturday, 6 August 2011

"We did it!"

Badger campaign should be warning to all

"We did it!" is the cry of a new generation of campaigners claiming credit for, among other things, stopping 'mega-dairies'..."

Maybe we did, maybe we didn't... but what I do know is that local residents had an influence on the outcome. The real success of the local campaign group (CAFFO) was in being able to lobby support from a wide-range of people and organisations, many with specialist knowledge and featuring UK-wide.

Reading between the lines of this article, I sense this says more about how Amy is feeling about her involvement with Nocton. Could it be that she is smarting a little over the failure of her PR expertise to result in a successful outcome for Nocton Dairies when faced with a campaign of national proportions?

Perhaps the application was withdrawn 'on technicalities'... one of which may have been to avoid prejudicing any possible future re-application... or perhaps it was just about avoiding the embarrassment of a formal refusal in the circumstances?

What we do know is that there were very good environmental reasons as to why this development would never have been granted permission in the sensitive location on Nocton Heath.

Financial Crisis Leading Farmers To Build 'Mega Dairies'

'A move towards milking cows in intensive American style 'mega dairies' would be bad for farmers' incomes as well damaging for the welfare of cattle, animal rights campaigners have warned.'

We Have to Support Dairy Farmers at Every Opportunity

'There is a well documented crisis affecting British farming - not as a result of evolutionary market forces, but of bad politics.'

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