Friday, 24 February 2012

Peter Willes in the news... again

Farmer builds mega slurry lake in protected landscape

'A MASSIVE slurry lagoon has been built without planning consent on farmland near the South West Coast Path.'

Nocton farmer in hot water over giant slurry lake

'THE Devon farmer, who was at the forefront of unsuccessful plans to build a large-scale dairy unit at Nocton, now faces another fight on his own doorstep.'

If you wish to view this retrospective application, the planning reference is: 1/0046/2012 FULM. It falls under the jurisdiction of Torridge District Council - you can search for it here:

You may also like to know there is another retrospective application [1/1110/2010 FULM] for a slurry lagoon and channel at Higher Alminstone Farm, which appears to be pending consideration too - it can be viewed on the same website.

For Information
  • There is a Plans Committee meeting on 1st March at Torridge District Council (but neither application appears on the Agenda).
  • The next Plans Committee meeting is scheduled for 15th March (but the Agenda hasn't yet been published).

Just to demonstrate there is a real alternative to the intensive regime of milking a mega-dairy full of Holsteins.

Shift to simple dairy system breeds profitability

'Less stress, less work and more profit is how Ian Sharman describes life since switching to milking Montbeliardes. Angela Calvert visited him at his farm in Newark to find out more.'

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