Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beeswax Farming (Rainbow) Ltd

Visit to Parish Council

There was an interesting visit from Nicholas Worboys (Estates Manager and Chartered Surveyor) and Robert Hall (Savills UK) to the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday evening, 8th January.

It was nice to hear that all the old Nocton Estate land has been brought back into single ownership, with Nocton Heath, Nocton Middle and Nocton Fen being purchased by Beeswax Farming (Rainbow) Ltd.

The Nocton Estate

This is a long-term investment for Sir James Dyson and his company, to be maintained as an agricultural concern (with no plans for a super-dairy you'll be pleased to hear!). The anaerobic digester on Nocton Fen has also been purchased. This will form part of the business plan for the estate, with a simplified process using pure energy crops, meaning little or no imported feedstock, thus minimising any traffic impact.

There may well be future development of the estate, with chicken sheds and poly-tunnels being mentioned, but it was stated these will only be 'small-scale'. There may also be a requirement for erection of grain storage buildings on the Heath, as currently the company are utilising space on the Munks Agricultural Contractors Ltd site.

Robert Howard is the contractor for Nocton Heath and Middle (however I do not recall the Fen being mentioned in this context).

The company is looking to develop an Environmental Stewardship Plan for the estate, which bodes well. It is also good to see the company being proactive and establishing early contact and dialogue with the local community.

Finally, you may like to read an interesting profile of Sir James Dyson.

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