Friday, 5 June 2015

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Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force

I suppose I am biased having served as an Instructor with Lincs ACF and commanded both Cherry Willingham and Metheringham Detachments during the 1990's, but consider this youth organisation as one of the most effective and exciting for developing our young people of today.

If you want to see what is involved, either for your child or self, then please see below:

No 1 Company - Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force

No 1 Company Lincolnshire ACF have detachments in the following locations:
  • Washingborough Detachment - Chapel Park, Washingborough - Monday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • North Hykeham Detachment - Robert Pattinson School, North Hykeham - Thursday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • Cherry Willingham Detachment - Croft Lane, Cherry Willingham - Thursday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • Sobraon Detachment - Sobraon Barracks, Burton Road, Lincoln - Monday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • Newport Detachment - Sobraon Barracks, Burton Road, Lincoln - Thursday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • Abbey Detachment - Sobraon Barracks, Burton Road, Lincoln - Wednesday's 7.00 to 9.00
  • Metheringham Detachment - Princes Street, Metheringham - Thursday's 7.30 to 9.30
  • The Regimental Band and Corps of Drums - Robert Pattison School, North Hykeham -
Band - Tuesday's 7.00 - 9.30
Drums - Wednesday's 7.30 to 9.00
The Army Cadet Force (ACF) is a national youth organisation sponsored by the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence and the British Army.  It offers training and experience based around a military training theme including adventurous sports, promoting achievement, discipline and good citizenship.

Open to all youngsters aged between 12 (in year 8) and 18 years.
Adult Instructors are also welcome (no experience required).
For further details please pop along for a chat with the detachment commander. Alternatively please visit the website:

'More cadets will save city youth’, says David Cameron advisor

'PLANS to expand cadet forces to 550 state schools will “save Britain’s inner city youth from gang culture and Islamic radicalism”, says a former adviser to David Cameron.'

Army Cadets Official - Young Cadets discuss their ACF experiences

'The Army Cadet Force (ACF) has over 41,000 cadets in more than 1,600 detachments all over the country and is one of the biggest and best. Hear from current Army Cadets as they discuss the many activities and benefits of joining the ACF as a young cadet.'


  1. Great blogging Geoff!

    Although I'm a bit long in the tooth for the physical stuff, I joined Lincolnshire ACF three years ago as a Civilian Assistant. They wanted help in capturing the atmosphere of their Annual Camps and, as I've experience in training young people in media-related activities, I was happy to assist.

    As I'm semi-retired, I'm able to oversee production of the county magazine (soon to go digital) and keep their Facebook pages fresh.

    I'm really enjoying seeing youngsters enjoy themselves in a disciplined environment. On Saturday, together with 350 cadets and a team of dedicated adults, I'm off for a 10-day camp.

    Bill Thompson

  2. Thanks Bill. I have very fond memories of my time with Lincs ACF and am still in touch with many of the people I served with... and many ex-cadets too which is nice. I do wonder nowadays how I had time to devote to the organisation, whilst working full-time as well. However, it was so rewarding seeing the young people develop skills and confidence that would become useful to them in later life. Enjoy annual camp. Kind regards.


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