Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No mega-dairies in Nocton - fortunately

The controversial 'mega-dairies' that alarm campaigners and divide a struggling sector of British agriculture

'Earlier this year, Mr Willes and the Parkham Farms Partnership were prosecuted in relation to a number of pollution incidents in 2014 and ordered to pay more than £30,000 in fines'.


Fines totalling £30,000 imposed on Devon farm for pollution offences

'Appearing before Barnstaple magistrates, Peter Willes was fined a total of £4,280, Richard Marsden was fined £3,780 and the Parkham Farms partnership was fined £22,620.'


The march of the industrial mega-dairy - is this the future of milk?

'Never mind the pollution, slurry lagoons, and heavy plant on country lanes - do we want the cows that produce our milk confined to sheds?'


Parkham Farms cheese factory in Devon fined for pollution

'A dairy farm owner and manager from Devon and their company have been ordered to pay £30,680 in fines and costs for polluting a stream , illegally damming another stream and breaching an environmental permit.'


History repeating itself...

Dairy farmer fined £23K+ for slurry pollution

'He admitted allowing controlled waste to be deposited without a permit at Beckland Farm on February 2, 2010, and causing slurry and milk to enter a stream on or before the same day, and a further charge of allowing effluent in another stream on or before February 11 last year.'


Plummeting milk price prompts 'stealth' rise of 2,000-cow 'mega dairies' in UK

'Industrial-scale dairy farming first came to British shores five years ago when plans were put forward for a 8,100-cow facility at Nocton in Lincolnshire.'


Nocton Dairies controversy

'This controversy is likely to have a lasting impact on Britain's future dairy policy.'


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