Monday, 21 December 2015

Fracking beneath Nocton

Will the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, be used for fracking?

'Successful applicants have been given exclusivity rights to areas they bidded for. The blocks typically measure 10km by 10km and include areas near Lincoln, Nottingham and Sheffield.'

Fracking Map

What about Nocton you may ask?

This 'Friends of the Earth' fracking map seems to indicate Nocton falls within a Water Source Protection Zone... presumably the same aquifer that defeated the Nocton Dairy planning application. However this may not actually stop fracking in this area, as Amber Rudd (Energy and Climate Change Secretary) didn’t define which groundwater zones (Zones 1 - 3) are included in the term ‘groundwater areas’ as mentioned in the bill.

So, what is actually protected from fracking now?

'The government’s safeguards don’t specify the groundwater areas that are protected from fracking under the new law.'

Groundwater Zones

Zone 1 - Inner Protection Zone
Zone 2 - Outer Protection Zone
Zone 3 - Final Source Catchment Protection Zone

Fracking plans approved by MPs: why all the fuss?

'Ministers accused of 'sneaking' in move to allow fracking beneath national parks.'

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