Friday, 18 December 2015

Nocton... through the back door

Farming News: Strongly against mega dairy farms

'In 2009/10 a local farmer (Peter Willes) was the lead in a proposal to set up a mega-dairy of 8,000 cows in Nocton... the small employment provided by these large industrial units is no compensation for the loss of livelihoods and the many other problems they cause.'

The controversial 'mega-dairies' that alarm campaigners and divide a struggling sector of British agriculture

'Local residents claim the volumes of slurry being generated from the farms have at times turned fields where it is regularly disposed of into “open sewers”, and caused unacceptable odours and traffic in an area popular with tourists. It is, they say, Nocton “through the back door”.'

Too Much Slurry

'The primary purpose of this website is to inform all of our neighbours living on the Hartland Peninsula about the consequences of the development of Beckland Farm... the owner of Beckland Farm is a Mr Peter Willes'.

Torridge District Council

'Planning Application: 1/0011/2015/FULM - Retrospective application for earth banked slurry lagoon [resubmission of 1/0046/2012/FULM]' - click here for planning portal

Outcome of the planning application:  Withdrawn

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