Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Superfast broadband for Nocton

Project News from OnLincolnshire

Metheringham 1 - Estimated completion date 9/12
Metheringham 6 - Estimated completion date 2/12
Metheringham 14 (Digby) - Estimated completion date 9/12



Superfast Broadband for Nocton



Broadband boost in the pipeline for Nocton

'There are plans for an additional fibre broadband cabinet to be installed outside the Post Office in Nocton within the next six months.'



Cabinets serving Nocton

  • Metheringham 3 - located at junction of the B1188 with Lincoln Rd, Dunston - this is a fibre cabinet and is already live
  • Metheringham (Pillar) 3/2 - located outside Post Office, Nocton - this is a conventional unit and is not a fibre-enabled cabinet
  • Metheringham 12 - Located at junction of Manor Farm/Potterhanworth Rd, Nocton - this is a fibre cabinet and is already live
  • Metheringham 16 - new fibre cabinet to convert Pillar 3/2 - expected completion date by 31st March 2016


Completed OnLincolnshire cabinets up until 01/11/2015

  • Metheringham 2
  • Metheringham 3
  • Metheringham 4
  • Metheringham 5
  • Metheringham 7
  • Metheringham 8
  • Metheringham 12
  • Metheringham 13

Latest emails with OnLincolnshire

From: Geoff Hall
Sent: 01 December 2015 08:23
To: Stephen Brookes
Subject: Update for Nocton

Good morning Steve,
As we are approaching the end of the third quarter and you mentioned that BT are “committing to Q4 2015-16” for the upgrading of Cab 3 (Pillar 3/2) outside Nocton Post Office.
Have you any further news you can share with me regarding this ‘Metheringham 16’ work please?
I have summarised the latest Broadband information for the residents of Nocton on today’s blog.


N.B. You may already be aware there are major road works currently in Nocton, with Western Power installing a new mains electricity underground supply. The trunking work is being carried out along the main highway and is currently outside the Post Office.

From: Stephen Brookes
Sent: 01 December 2015 08:42
To: Geoff Hall
Subject: RE: Update for Nocton

Good Morning Geoff,
Thanks for the information re. Western Power on site and I will speak with BT re. this.
The job has now been planned and costs put together. There are no problems there. The job is currently with BT's modelling team for the  fine detail to be added, but we fully expect to complete the work in Q4 and at this point, see no reason why this can't happen. BT has given a date of 31st March 2016, but they have said that they will do everything possible to complete before then.
As soon as the situation changes to the job being issued to the 'Field' teams, I will let you know.



Broadband Britain - is it working?

'Today the House of Commons holds a debate on the issue of poor coverage, a chance for MPs to vent their constituents' grievances.'


newsnk - Winter 2015

Superfast broadband stretches out

'More District homes will be connected to superfast Broadband speeds under plans being drafted to broaden an extensive investment in rural internet links.

NKDC is part of the OnLincolnshire partnership between local councils and BT which is on target to extend superfast broadband coverage to 89% of the county by the end of April, having already made the high-speed fibre technology available to more than 136,000 properties.

Beyond this, a second phase of work, extending coverage up to 95% by the end of 2017, is being planned.

Nocton looks set to do especially well under the programme, with plans for an additional fibre broadband cabinet to be installed before April; meaning that most of the 210 households will be able to get much faster broadband speeds of more than 24Mbps.

Once improved Broadband is enabled locally, residents need to contact their internet service provider and upgrade to a superfast package.

The improvements have been made possible thanks to funding from Lincolnshire councils, BT, the Government and European Regional Development Fund.

For more on the project, visit: www.onlincolnshire.org'

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