Saturday, 2 January 2016

Roads to success

Major transport projects

Lincolnshire County Council is currently undertaking or planning major schemes during 2016 that should ease traffic congestion in and around Lincoln.

Lincoln East West Link
This project is costing £22m by providing a new cross-city route without level crossing delays. It is currently under construction and will join High Street/Tentercroft Street to Pelham Bridge/Canwick Road. It is due to be completed in Autumn 2016.

Lincoln Eastern Bypass
This project is estimated to cost £96m and is the next step in creating a ring road around the city. It is vital to the area and will promote growth to the east of Lincoln. It will connect the A158 at Wragby Road to the A15 near Bracebridge Heath and will remove traffic from the city centre. This project is awaiting a decision on legal orders in order to go ahead.

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