Sunday, 28 February 2016

Beeswax Farming - hedge laying

Hedge laying

'Hedge laying is a country skill practised in the United Kingdom and Ireland.'

National Hedgelaying Society

'Committed to conserving hedgerows through traditional skills'

Nocton Estate

I really admire the craftsmen who maintain these traditional country skills - it is a real art laying a hedge properly and lovely to see once completed.

I stopped to have a chat with the two men doing the hedge laying and congratulated them on a super job. I understand the work is required for safety reasons, as recently a cyclist had approached the crossing at speed and unable to see the junction properly, narrowly avoided a tractor on the private estate road.

By laying the hedge at the crossroads of the Bridle Path, it will allow the public to have a better view of heavy farm machinery using the private estate road. It will also assist the drivers of the farm machinery to have a clear view of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders on the footpath.

Beeswax Farming have also erected warning signs at the crossing point. It is good to see the investment being made in this local farm estate once again.

New warning signs

Hedge laying

Much better view at this crossing point

Traditional skills

A living work of art

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