Monday, 1 February 2016

Nocton Trail

New markers

Three cast iron markers have been sited in the following places:-
  1. At the entrance to Manor Farm
  2. On the drive just passed the gatehouse in Nocton Hall
  3. One in a gap in the hedge opposite 'Friars Crag' on Main Street
These sculptures were carved from large 8' x 4' panels based on drawings made by villagers six or so years ago.  'artsNK' originally organised several creative sessions in order to produce designs for panels which would then be cut and shaped as part of a bigger project.
These markers 'weather' into a dark brown colour and the same material has been used as that used in making the 'Angel of the North', the giant Antony Gormley sculpture on the A1 outside Gateshead.
Manor Farm, Potterhanworth Road

Pine Lodge, Nocton Hall

Main Street, opposite Friars Crag
Report: Cliff Baxendale
Photos: Geoff Hall

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