Sunday, 17 April 2016

Superfast broadband - latest news

Work progressing

It is good to see the work finally progressing to provide superfast broadband to the remainder of properties in Nocton. The update from Onlincolnshire for the week ending 15 April reads:

'Delayed cabinets: Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - work commenced. ECD late April/early May'.

New base ready for laying

Trunking to connect old and new cabinets

New cabinet PCP17 base laid

The old cabinet is at the Post Office. New cabinet base is shown here.
As can be seen from the photographs, the new fibre cabinet [PCP17] has still to be erected. It also needs connecting to the old cabinet at Nocton Post Office [Pillar 3/2] and requires a power source.

A few residents to lose out?

Whilst the new fibre cabinet should supply an improved service to the majority of remaining properties in Nocton, it appears there is a possibility of a few residents losing out.
Studying the telephone lines of properties situated in Main Street beyond the Post Office, it appears they are connected to a cabinet over two kilometres away. I understand the cabinet at Dunston Top [Metheringham Cab 3] provides the telephone/broadband service for most of Dunston, but also a small number of properties in Main Street, Nocton.
I have also been advised the wiring between the Dunston cabinet and Nocton is deteriorating badly, causing occasional losses of service to Nocton residents. It is clear that unless this handful of properties are re-routed to the new fibre cabinet [PCP17], the degradation of signal due to distance/old wiring will negate these particular households ever getting superfast broadband.
The properties adversely affected are thought to be:
  • Embsay House
  • Embsay Cottage
  • Embsay Holt
  • Rose Cottage
  • 3 Main Street
  • 1 - 5 Old Ten Row, Main Street
  • Kelkherd House
  • Middle Cottage
  • Shooter's Lodge.
As I am one of those households likely to lose out, I am really hoping these properties will be re-routed to the new Nocton fibre cabinet, rather than remain connected to the Dunston cabinet.

It does not make any sense for Nocton properties to be left with a deteriorating legacy connection to a cabinet over two kilometres away, when there are two modern fibre-enabled cabinets on their doorstep in the village.

Broadband speed advertising misleading, say MPs

'The way broadband speeds are advertised is misleading and should be changed, a cross-party group of 50 MPs has said.'


  1. Hi Geoff

    I understand from your comment that a small number of Nocton properties are currently not connected via Nocton 3/2 outside the Post Office and this in turn will mean they are unable to get Fibre enabled broadband.

    However a simple fix can be made for those like yourself that are not connected to 3/2.

    Some points

    1. The cable from Dunston Cab 3 feeding certain properties in Nocton not off 3/2 may well be degrading - especially if it is aluminium cable and not a copper cable. This can be renewed at BT cost but does not fix your problem. I also understand that the cable from Dunston Cab 3 feeding 3/2 is at full capacity and also on a fault prone cable feed.

    2. There is an abundance of properties surrounding Fibre enabled Cab 12 that are still connected off 3/2 which can, at minimal stores and manpower cost, easily be diverted into Cab 12. Due to the absence some months ago of any progress with 3/2 I suggested the above but told that the new fibre enabled Cab 17 would be imminent and that there would be no need to do this. Not so unfortunately and thats now history.

    3. Your fix Geoff - firstly 3/2 will now be relabelled Cab 17 - the cables from your properties will need to be picked up and re-routed into Cab 17 outside the Post Office - not the fibre cabinet next to the Telephone Kiosk. Its not a problem if your lines are fed off telegraph poles because BT will pick up the feed to the poles. Some small amount of ductwork may be required depending on cable positions and how the telegraph poles are fed but thats not a problem either.

    4. 3/2 may well be changed out into a bigger shell but I am not certain of this.

    BT may delay your fix due to manpower restrictions, priorities or separate budgets however its easily engineered so keep up the pressure on them.

    Hope this helps.

    Mick Middleton

  2. Thanks Mick - that gives me a bit of hope.


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