Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Superfast broadband - more news

Onlincolnshire ends first phase, bringing better broadband to 150,000 properties

'Steve Henderson, BT’s regional director of next generation access, said: “We’re delighted with the progress made in Lincolnshire. Working closely with the county council, we’ve made fibre broadband available to some of the most rural areas. The advantages are very clear with speeds up to 80Mbps widely available.'

Engineering work

This work is being carried out by Openreach, BT’s local network business.

Our new fibre cabinet [Cab 17] has now been erected but still needs to be fully enabled. It requires copper cable to be linked through to the old cabinet [Pillar 3/2] - see the photograph of the contents of the old cabinet which show the complexity of the wiring within.

Old cabinet [Pillar 3/2] - extent of wiring
It is thought that this will get a new case shortly, to coincide with the enabling of the new cabinet.

Onlincolnshire's last Project Update [W/E 22 April]

This indicated our new cabinet has power, but I have not observed any Western Power operatives on-site to carry out this work. Nor have BT Openreach been to attend to the final installation work in readiness for the estimated completion date of 'early May'.

New cabinet [Cabinet 17] - awaiting connection
Once the new cabinet is enabled, notwithstanding the small number of residents and businesses that are connected to the distant fibre cabinet [Cab 3], the majority will have access to fibre broadband if they choose. It will then be possible to upgrade their broadband package from their current provider, or choose from a wide range of other internet service providers to benefit from competitive pricing and products.

Finally, for those unable to get the faster service you may be interested in the following public consultation.

Gainshare Public Consultation now open

'This public consultation is to confirm the areas of Lincolnshire which do not have access to Next Generation Access to infrastructure delivering speeds of at least 30Mbps.'

I wish to thank local resident Mick Middleton, for his patient and enthusiastic mentoring in improving my 'technical' knowledge of this whole topic.

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