Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Micky's Golden lift

An incredible story

You might have previously read about Micky's amazing journey to recovery in this blog, if you've missed it elsewhere:

16 Feb 2015 - Powerlifter from Nocton
03 May 2015 - Congratulations Micky, great lift

but now he is all over the Press after an outstanding achievement at the Invictus Games in Florida.

Lincolnshire veteran bags gold at Prince Harry's Invictus Games

'Power lifter Micky Yule, who lives in Lincoln, won the gold medal yesterday in the light-weight power lifting category.'

Paralympian Micky Yule wins Britain’s first Invictus Games gold medal

'Yule, from Musselburgh, dominated the men’s lightweight power-lifting competition.'

Invictus Games champion Micky Yule pays tribute to Prince Harry

'Britain’s first gold medallist of the 2016 Invictus Games hugged Prince Harry on the podium during an exuberant first day of competition.'

Now that's what a real hero looks like! Powerlifter who lost both legs to Taliban bomb takes first British Invictus gold and Prince Harry is first to congratulate him

Micky Yule, 37, recorded a personal best by lifting 190 kilograms in front of a huge crowd at the Invictus stadium in Orlando, Florida.

Amazing work by UK Team for bagging a whopping 55 medals on first day of Invictus Games 2016 finals!

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