Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Superfast broadband - no update

All quiet on the Western Front

Despite the latest update from Onlincolnshire: 'Delayed cabinets - Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Cabinet is stood and powered. Estimated completion early May', there has been no further work on the new fibre Cabinet 17. Nor is there any further information on potential solutions for the 14 properties who are connected to the fibre Cabinet 3 located at Dunston who cannot currently get BT Infinity.

You may be interested in the following articles about BT services though.

BT prepares ultrafast broadband investment for two million homes to tackle Ofcom threat

'The centrepiece of the plan is understood to be the rollout of fibre optics to two million premises, replacing the ageing copper wire that most Britons currently rely on for internet access.'

BT increases cost of landline, broadband, calls and TV for millions of customers

'The majority of BT’s 7.9million broadband customers will also see a rise in bills.'

Misleading broadband prices to be reformed in major crackdown - as BT faces ban over TV adverts

'Three adverts by Britain's biggest telecoms provider have been banned for making misleading claims about the quality of its broadband being better than rivals.'

Renew your BT package and get a new Hub 4

I have just received a letter from BT offering 'Enjoy broadband with less interruptions - renew your BT package and get a new Hub 4'.

I'm sure this is incidental, although just recently our service went down for two days due to the deteriorating aluminium wiring in a duct somewhere between Metheringham Cabinet 3 and our property.

This unsolicited offer includes a free upgrade to the Home Hub 4 (with £7.95 delivery charge) and to retain any special offers on broadband that I am currently receiving (on the same terms... which will end on the date we initially agreed).

I am usually suspicious of such 'deals', but rang through to the BT's Call Centre to check the validity of the letter, where I was offered a 12 month renewal of £13.00 per month broadband (unlimited); £17.99 line rental and £6.50 for unlimited anytime calls.

As I am currently paying £11.60 for my unlimited broadband per month; £17.99 line rental and £5.65 for unlimited anytime calls, this didn't seem beneficial (I do not have caller display or BT answer 1571), so didn't take up that offer.

So I have signed up for the free Hub 4 deal online and will wait to see what I am charged on my next bill - but also to see what happens after the general rise in prices on 3rd July.

Why do I have the feeling that this offer is too good to be true... ending up with me having to contact BT customer services again?

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