Sunday, 22 May 2016

Superfast broadband - update


'Delayed cabinets

Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - needs a new shell, job requires site meeting to determine if re-location is required. Notice has been given to carry out civil engineering at site.'

My last blog on this matter was dated 14th May 2016.

Update from Steve Brookes

The latest email dated 20th May 2016:

'Good Morning Geoff,

We have spoken with BT re. the Ofcom view and are awaiting their response. As soon as it lands, I will let you know.

In the interim, we are having to move the existing cabinet shell from its current location to give us greater space to work. This is hampered by the proximity to the adjacent building's foundations, but Highways have given permission for this to go ahead on Tuesday.


Update from Breige Young [BT Consumer Executive Level Complaints]

The latest email dated 20th May 2016:

'Hi Geoff

I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I haven’t heard back from our suppliers yet.

I’ll let you know as soon as I do, and I’ll be in touch again on Friday 27th May at the very latest.

Many thanks

I know BT broadband can be infuriating - and I'm the boss of BT

'So what is BT doing to improve the situation?'


  1. Hi Geoff,
    I contacted Steve Brookes yesterday for an update:-

    Good Morning Jim,

    We had a meeting with BT yesterday, but at this point, their Legal and Senior teams are still considering their position.

    We have asked that they move this along as quickly as possible and hope to get a response very soon after Bank Hols. if not before. As soon as it lands, I will let you know.

    Kind Regards

  2. Thanks Jim... I keep getting mixed messages out of BT (my biggest gripe really).

    On the one hand, I had a call from a BT Openreach rep as recent as Monday, who advised me to order superfast broadband through my provider once Cab 17 has been enabled. BT Retail can then arrange for a site visit to validate there is a closer fibre cabinet than Cab 3, which will be able to provide a service to my property. There will then be the potential to relocate my line, dependent on the amount of work involved. However, as we know from earlier correspondence, it would appear BT Retail would be prevented from ordering this work by the OFCOM 'Equivalence' rules.

    On the other hand, I received a final reply to my enquiries from Breige (Executive Level Complaints) only yesterday with the comment: "Your property is connected to a fibre upgraded cab but unfortunately the distance between your home and the cabinet is too far to get Superfast speeds." This particular response emanated from the Fibre Enquiries Team at BT Openreach.

    I still think the BDUK project of OnLincolnshire may yet be our saviour, particularly as both BT Legal and OFCOM have confirmed that 'Equivalence' doesn't apply with new network installation. The BDUK project has the funds available... not that it is an expensive solution to re-route our lines to Cab 17 anyway... and discussions are clearly still ongoing between BT Group and Onlincolnshire.

    I am confident Steve is doing his level best against the bureaucracy of BT to get this problem solved for us. Only time will tell if he has been successful.


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