Saturday, 11 June 2016

Superfast Broadband - update

New cabinet

The cabinet to replace Pillar 3/2 near the Post Office has now been erected. It is located between the new fibre cabinet and the telephone box in School Lane and has an additional access chamber as well.

Plate 1 - New cabinet to replace Pillar 3/2 (on right)

Plate 2 - New access chamber

BT access chamber - Main Street bus stop

It is interesting to see work also being carried out on the fibre optic cable in the access chamber at the bottom of the telegraph pole near the bus stop in Main Street.

Plate 3 - Access chamber in Main Street
This pole actually serves those properties currently connected to the Dunston cabinet, which will not be able to get superfast broadband unless their lines are re-routed.

Plate 4 - Generic Joint 3A: FIST-GC02-OTIAN
The FIST [Fibre Infrastructure System Technology] generic joint is an environmentally sealed enclosure allowing splicing and component integration in the network.

Plate 5 - Generic Joint (other side)
Plate 6 - New fibre cable connecting the Generic Joint
I wonder whether this work might have some connection with the re-routing of archive Dunston lines to the new Nocton fibre cabinet... however I suspect not. It is probably the work required to link fibre cable to the new Cab 17 in order for it to be fully enabled in due course.

Plate 7 - Another jointing connection?

Plate 8 - Fibre Routing Area cover
It will be interesting to see how things evolve over the next few weeks, as commissioning of the new fibre cabinet for Nocton progresses.


This is the Project update for week ending 10 June 2016. As can be seen from the photograph in Plate 9, the replacement cabinet for Pillar 3/2 is now in place and awaiting connection by BT.

Plate 9 - Work complete
Further information

Video 1: Openreach Fibre Broadband - See how it's built
Video 2: Inside a BT fibre broadband cabinet
Video 3: FTTC CP Customer Training


  1. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks fot the update, have you heard any more information from Steve Brookes ?
    Regards, Jim

  2. Hi Jim. I telephoned Steve on Friday but he hasn't had an update from BT yet. He is going to chase them up. As soon as I have more information, I will post it here online. Regards Geoff

  3. Hi Geoff

    For every BT customer in Nocton who are currently being routed via 3/2 then BT will have to draw in new copper tails to Cab 17 to pick up the old copper tails all of which are around the Post Office area. The tails are whats know as "the last mile" At the same time Cab 17 will be equipped with Cross connection strips and everyone then cut over to Cab 17. Only after 17 is cut over and each line tested and correct will they then proceed to connect over to the DSLAMS in the fibre cabinet ready for those who wish to take FTTC Superfast broadband. Expect some disconnects while this work is going on with lots of hands on but hopefully not to much.

    Its fortunate that 3/2 cannot now be utilised because this gives you the ideal opportunity to ask, and at no cost to you, why you cannot be connected to new Cab 17 via a new 20/0.5 copper tail feeding both DPs near your properties. From an engineering standpoint its simple to do this.

    Cab 3/2 will then be recovered.


    Mick Middleton

  4. From: Geoff Hall
    Sent: 13 June 2016 08:43
    To: Stephen Brookes
    Subject: Nocton

    Morning Steve,

    Please would you be so kind to read the comment from Mick Middleton (ex-BT Fibre/Copper Project Manager) at the bottom of my latest blog.

    It would appear the solution for those Main Street properties still connected to the distant Dunston cab is an easy fix. It also seems that the time is ripe to demand this work be completed as part of the BDUK project to enable Cab 17. With engineers due on site, surely the most cost effective option is to carry out the work now. By the way, just how many other properties (Wellhead Lane) are in the same position – and will these be remedied too?

    Will you please chase up BT again and see if you can get a definitive answer on the issue.


    From: Stephen Brookes
    Sent: 13 June 2016 09:13
    To: Geoff Hall
    Subject: RE: Nocton

    Good Morning Geoff,

    I have forwarded Mick's comments to BT and asked them for the outstanding response to the connection of the missing customers.


    Steve Brookes
    Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
    Tel. 01522 552450
    Mob. 07825 043978


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