Saturday, 4 June 2016

Traffic incident

Wednesday 1st June

I received this report of an incident in Nocton. If you have any information that would help this person, please comment below and I shall pass it on:

"After visiting a friend in Nocton Park Estate today, I was returning home at 12.15 pm and had just passed the turning to the M.A.C. facility when an open drop-sided truck (transit van size) passed me at speed.  As it approached me, an empty wooden cable spool flew forwards high into the air over the cab of the truck and smashed into the front of my car.  The driver would have seen the spool but not where it landed because by that time he/she had passed me.  I saw in my rear view mirror that the driver slowed right down and I thought they were stopping, but as I got out to check the damage to my car, they drove away.  I did not catch the make or model of the truck or its registration number.  It all happened too fast.  My car is a 2014 Citroen DS3 and is a very dark purple colour (looks black at a glance) with a black cabriolet roof.  Incredibly, the damage to my car is relatively modest.  I need to replace a part which costs £150.  I did drive back through the village after checking my car was OK to drive, to see if I could see the truck but it had disappeared and I was not prepared to break the speed limit in order to catch up with it.  On my way through the village, I did notice a couple walking hand-in-hand at that time.  They were wearing dark blue jackets.  They may have noticed the truck pass through the village on its way through.  Accidents happen and I'm sure the driver of the truck had not intended that an item from his/her truck should collide with my car, however, not stopping at the scene of an accident is illegal.  My main concern is not just that I was very lucky that the spool did not hit my windscreen at what was probably over 60mph, but also that it didn't hit a cyclist or pedestrian.  I hope this information may be of use to the villagers of Nocton in preventing any further similar accidents.


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