Sunday, 21 August 2016

Nocton - the village without a pub

Real ale on sale

I have previously reported that the village used to have an old Tavern in the long and distant past, one with a rather unusual name. Unfortunately, this is no longer in existence... but we do have a surrogate local watering hole called the 'Nocton Club' run by enthusiastic volunteers.

You can read a lovely review of the facility: "A village with no pub" by Steve Renshaw on the Lincoln CAMRA blog pages.

Village Hall Redevelopment

The Nocton Club is of course situated in the local Village Hall, however due to an inherent structural problem with the floor slab of the current build, plans are now underway to redevelop the site to construct a new facility altogether.

The overall expectation is: "... to achieve a light airy and pleasant building which will act as a welcoming centre for village life. It should encourage groups and societies to use its excellent facilities and bring back those groups that will go away during the rebuild. It should be in harmony with its surroundings and a fine advert for the village."

More details can be obtained from the Parish Council website.

Architect's Impressions

The following are architect's impressions of how the building might appear in the future:

Plate 1 - the main proposal

Plate 2 - a typical section

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