Friday, 2 September 2016

Broadband issues - update

Latest information

There have been numerous problems this week for local residents with their telephone and broadband services. This followed the extensive rewiring to remove Pillar 3/2 as a cabinet and activate the new cabinet PCP 17, in readiness for the fibre cabinet being commissioned.

BT management have been on-site today to talk to their engineers who have been working hard to reconnect services. I managed to have a chat with them and have also been in touch with Steve Brookes of OnLincolnshire again.

In summary, this is what I have discovered:
  • Engineering work for the new cabinet PCP17 is now complete
  • The last few reported faults with resident's lines are being repaired
  • The visit by BT management was focused on the extra work arising from Telec Utilities wiring of the new cabinet over the Bank Holiday weekend
  • It was also to examine a potential structural integrity issue with one of the block connectors used in the new cabinet, where bayonet fixings have sheared off after minimal use - the offending item has been removed for detailed examination
  • OnLincolnshire is now awaiting revised records from BT Openreach to allow the new cabinet to be released to the various Internet Service Providers - this normally takes around 2 weeks maximum
  • BT have also agreed to progress the additional work to connect the remaining 'legacy lines' to the new cabinet PCP17 - this work will be carried out as a priority after the change request is signed off
  • The change request is likely to be signed off next week
  • There is a firm commitment from the BT Openreach Delivery Manager on this matter
The weekly project update from OnLincolnshire reads as follows:

Delayed Cabinets
Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Work complete, awaiting records return then will go to 'ready for service'

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  1. Many thanks for the update Geoff. Fingers crossed there are no hiccups in transferring the legacy lines and hopefully the work will be carried out sooner rather than later.
    Kind Regards, Jim


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