Friday, 23 September 2016

Nocton Cricket Club - promotion

Promotion for Nocton CC

Report and photographs courtesy of Jonathan Sides

Nocton Cricket Club have enjoyed a very successful 2016 season. Under new captain Dylan Garfoot there has been a resurgence of interest in playing cricket and we have had a full team for every game. Last season we only managed a full team of 11 for two matches and, paradoxically, we lost them both!

The team won all three qualifying games in the Major Hoult Cup to reach the semi-final in which, despite losing, they put up a really good fight against eventual winners Ancaster – who didn’t lose a game all season.

In the league we had 14 fixtures, won 7 of them, lost only 3 (2 to Ancaster), 2 games were cancelled because of rain, one game was conceded by the opponents and our last game was tied. We finished second in the division with 188 points, well ahead of other rivals – and miles behind Ancaster!

Both Ancaster and Nocton are promoted to Division 2 where the standards and the stakes are much higher. We’re going to need sight screens, covers and – we hope – a big improvement to our buildings before next April!

Dylan Garfoot and Kyle Thompson topped the tables in batting with 285 and 244 runs respectively at an average of 22 and 24. Rob Appleyard and Mikey Atkinson each took 24 wickets at 7.6 and 9.4 respectively.

Plate 1 - a rather tasty looking chocolate cake to help the players celebrate.
I photo shopped out the 2 flies which were helping themselves
to the white chocolate! I did warn the players but they ate it anyway!

Plate 2 - the obligatory end of season photograph

Plate 3 - Becky and David all ready for the BBQ rush

Plate 4 - Vic, David and Richard who also had their
moments of glory in cricket… in the last century!

Plate 5 - some of the players managed to avoid
the spray of bubbly – the rest was drunk!

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