Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wellhead Lane - development

Progressing well

Further to my last report, you may like to know work has started on excavating the ground for the creation of a public footpath in front of the new development.

Plate 1 - the view down Wellhead Lane

Plate 2 - the view up Wellhead Lane
High quality housing carried out by a local building company - that's what I like to see. Good control over the choice of materials too for our village environment. However, I do think it is a shame there isn't more affordable properties being constructed to attract young people and those less well off to remain in these outlying villages to Lincoln.

Plate 3 - Quality stonework with grey tiled roof

Plate 4 - This development will enhance
 what was previously an overgrown area

Plate 5 - Property 2 already up to roof level

Plate 6 - Large executive housing

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