Saturday, 8 October 2016

Superfast broadband - imminent

Onlincolnshire Project Update

I refer to my previous blog on this matter. The latest update for week ending 7th October 2016:

"Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Commissioning complete, service availability imminent."

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  1. Hi Geoff. Do you have any further information regarding the change request for the other lines by any chance?

    Andy Cheney (5 Wellhead Lane)

  2. Hi Andy and thanks for your query.

    The last information I have from Stephen Brookes at OnLincolnshire was dated 27th September. He advised that the change request hadn't yet been signed off formally, although it was agreed in principle... and it would happen within the next week or so. The delay is apparently down to BT and he has already escalated this to try and speed up the process. It is not certain whether the delay is due to a lack of resources at BT, or just their intransigence at being asked to do the extra work!

    I'm still trying to find out how many Nocton lines are directly connected to the Dunston junction Cab 3... and will not benefit from the new fibre cabinet at The Green. Unfortunately, BT do not reveal this type of connection information due to customer confidentiality and/or the risk of revealing data to their competitors.

    I do know that when the lines were transferred from Cab 3/2 (Post Office) to the new Cab 17 (The Green) in readiness for the commissioning of the new fibre cabinet, many Wellhead Lane customers were affected by a loss of service due to errors in the re-wiring exercise. This would seem to indicate that many Wellhead Lane customers are actually connected via Cab 17, and not directly from Cab 3... thus will be able to upgrade to fibre from the new cabinet on The Green once it goes live.

    I am aware of the handful of properties on Main St (from Embsay House to Old Ten Row) who definitely have 'legacy lines' directly connected to Cab 3 (Dunston junction)... and as they are too far from the fibre service there, will not be able to get superfast broadband currently. It remains to be seen just how many legacy lines remain in Nocton overall, that will need re-routing from Cab 3 (Dunston) to Cab 17 (The Green) to benefit from the faster service offered from the new local fibre cabinet.

    You might like to try ringing your ISP after the new Cab 17 goes 'live', to see if the fibre service is available to your property (please see Mick Middleton's comments against my last blog entry dated 2nd October). At least that would identify whether your line is definitely one of those 'legacy lines' to be re-routed under the change request. I will be contacting Steve Brookes again next week for yet another update.

    Hope this helps explain in more detail.

  3. Hi Geoff. Thanks very much for the update. Unfortunately I am connected to Cab 3 so will have to continue the waiting game and suffer excruciating connection speeds a while longer!

    Many thanks



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