Friday, 14 October 2016

Superfast broadband - now live

Project Update - Week ending 14th October 2016

This is the announcement we have been waiting for from OnLincolnshire:

"Completed cabinet list
Cabinet 17 on the Metheringham exchange - Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - Now live"

If you are interested in upgrading to fibre and a faster broadband, please contact your Internet Service Provider direct. Let me know how you get on by commenting on this post please, then we can spread the news.

Please note, I still haven't had a reply from BT regarding the Change Request 22 for the remaining 'legacy lines' which are connected to Cabinet 3 on the Metheringham exchange and are unable to get the fibre service currently.

These are the current BT Infinity deals if you are eligible to upgrade.

How to survive if you're waiting for broadband

The delays can be laid at the door of Openreach, a subsidiary of BT which installs new lines for all copper wire-based broadband.


  1. Hi Geoff,

    I live in Wellhead Cottage. I just checked and I'm not able to get Broadband Infinity. Apparently I get between 1 and 3 - I wish! I cannot remember which cabinet I'm on, I know it was three but we were affected when BT mucked up Wellhead Lane (no'phone for a week and then they changed our number twice without telling us). This would seem to suggest that we are on 17.

    I've only just discovered the blog - keep up the good work.



  2. Hi Jerry and welcome to the blog. It is terrible trying to get accurate information out of BT... especially when enquiring about the infrastructure. It seems there is an endemic fear about releasing useful data to their competitors, or otherwise breaching customer confidentiality. That or they are totally inept at supplying a consistent message. Whichever, it makes it extremely hard for customers to try to identify exactly what is happening with their consumer lines. I intend to keep banging at their door until we get some resolution to slow broadband in this village.


  3. Thanks Geoff. It seems I have been mirroring your efforts - or at least engaging in sniping at BT for half a year now. Our standard broadband speed was about.43mbps. I measured it at least once a week and contacted BT to get them to fix it at roughly the same rate. Eventually I was told I could accept what I was getting or terminate my contract with BT. Magnanimously they said there would be no charge for this! When I wrote to our MP his reply hinted at despair - "You will be aware that broadband is a bugbear of my life, and it is about time the government actually takes Openreach to task and obliges it to perform its obligations". Well I wasn't aware of that but he at least seems to know what we are going through.
    I seem to be getting just over 1 at the moment which seems REALLY fast to me!


  4. Hi Geoff

    Yep the fibre cabinet is now live but still on the hospital operating table and has been for the past few days because it is still under Beta test. Numerous readings and tests are made during the Beta stage and this can take up to two weeks before being released to the ISPs. If you listen closely you can hear the fan running in the Fibre cabinet which confirms it is active. I have also rang a number of ISPs this morning and they confirm that only basic broadband is available.

    It is also important to note that those customers "cut off" during the cut-over to new Cabinet 17 are almost certainly off old 3/2 outside the PO which means they will be able to get Infinity. Normally engineering disruption and mess ups to customer lines only hits those customers being switched from 3/2 to Cab 17 so hopefully Jerry should be ok to order shortly once the Cab is released to the ISPs.

    Re the CR22 - could you give me a call sometime.


    Mick Middleton

    1. That certainly explains why people are getting rebutted when ringing ISPs Mick. Terminology, don't you just love it. When someone says something is 'live' one would have thought it means it was now available. Ah well, only a couple of weeks to wait. I will give you a ring later this afternoon if that's OK. Cheers

    2. Well that's cheered me up Mick - thanks! Mind you, I won't believe it until it happens. They don't inspire confidence do they?


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