Thursday, 8 December 2016

British Telecom - force change

Ofcom to go to European Commission to force change at BT's Openreach

'Ofcom, which put forward its plan for a legally separate Openreach in July, said it was disappointed the former state monopoly had not done enough to address its competition concerns.'

BT ordered to spin off Openreach over competition concerns

'Ofcom says it is going to the European commission to force telecoms group to become separate from its network division.'

Ofcom pushes ahead with legal separation of BT from Openreach

'Ofcom said creating a more independent Openreach, which works "in the interest of all providers, not just BT" was vital for improving broadband and telephone services across Britain.'

BT's broadband divorce - what it means for consumers

'Ofcom has now begun the formal process of forcing a legal split.'

Fibre upgrade cost traps Britain in cyber slow lane

'Britons desperate for faster broadband are unlikely to get it from a plan to separate the country's biggest network from BT (BT.L) unless the industry tackles how to pay up to 25 billion pounds ($76 billion) to upgrade to fibre-optic cables.'

Compensation call as thousands suffer BT broadband delays

More than 25,000 people every week were forced to wait longer than they should for broadband repairs and installations because BT Openreach missed appointments, new figures show.

Open lines to rivals, BT is told: Watchdog orders firm to give access to its telegraph poles and tunnels so competitors can offer fibre optic broadband

'At the moment, around half of UK homes get their telephone and broadband services through a copper 'drop wire' from a telegraph pole in the street. The use of a copper wire for the connection slows down the internet speed that families can get.'


  1. Yesterday, Saturday December 10, our 'phone was unusable because of interference. I rang BT, something I've given up doing because of the usual woeful 'service'. This morning one of the engineers rang on a crystal-clear line. He told me he'd been working up the pole in Wellhead Lane that services mine and two other houses, Cabine 17 and Cabinet 3. He was very excited to tell me that we should be able to get Superfast broadband. So excited was he that he'd 'phoned four of his friends who live in the village to tell them of its availability. So, I've ordered it, confident that I won't get anything like the speeds advertised but hoping that I might get something like the 17 that according to my contract I should be able to expect at the moment - I get around 1.48. I HATE BT. The engineer couldn't have been more helpful by the way.

  2. Hi Jerry. Thanks for the update - let me know how you get on and what speed you attain after the upgrade. Regards.

  3. Geoff, It is now possible to order fibre broadband for the remaining properties on Main Street. I spoke to BT this morning to order basic broadband after moving back into our cottage after renovation and extension work. I explained that I was connected to fibre cabinet 17 Metheringham and that the "paperwork" had not been processed therefore I could not order fibre. They said that I could upgrade to fibre when it was available at no extra charge, so proceeded with the home move process albeit to the basic package. Then "s*ds law" later today fibre is available for all the properties which were connected DP108 !

  4. Hi Jim. I checked online myself this morning and was astonished to find fibre was available, so rang BT immediately. I was paying £16 per month for my standard broadband, but have upgraded to Infinity 1 at £20 per month. A great deal that I am very happy with. I will draft a blog update after Onlincolnshire publish their weekly update tomorrow. I was mid-term contract, but upgrade was otherwise free, with just £9.99 for a fibre router. My service will go live January 2017.


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