Sunday, 18 December 2016

Peter pops up again

Remember the campaign?

If you were around during the time of the campaign against plans for an 8,100 cow intensive dairy farm located on the Heath, you will certainly remember one of the main protagonists.

The huge amount of waste produced by this facility would have been spread on land surrounding Nocton and Dunston. I am still proud to have been part of the local campaign group which lobbied long and hard to overturn the various planning applications.

Nocton Dairies Ltd never managed to get the relevant permissions to construct their cow factory in Lincolnshire. We are very fortunate indeed, as it seems Peter is still upsetting his Devon neighbours with heavy slurry operations.

Wealthy Londoner sparks row after setting up a campaign against farmers muckspreading

The main target of Mr Roe's anger is Peter Willes.

Too Much Slurry Campaign

'A significant step in the industrialisation of farming is the move to intensive dairy farming.'

Nocton Dairies Controversy

Local people formed a campaign group named CAFFO (Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations). Animal welfare charities and campaigners, and vegan and vegetarian groups also joined to support the case against the dairy.

Campaign material in Nocton

Working with partners - World Society for the Protection of Animals

Working with partners - Compassion in World Farming

Campaign in Dunston
CAFFO were presented with a copy award
 for working in partnership with CIWF

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