Friday, 17 February 2017

Nocton Village Hall - redevelopment

Future plans

This is the dedicated page regarding the development plans for Nocton Village Hall. The Constitution for the Rebuilding Sub-Committee is located here.

You can also find reference to the project here:
Please see my blog dated 4 December 2014 which is when the initial design plans were published.

Latest update

I would now like to publish the latest plans and diagrams on the blog and have made enquiries of both Councillor Williams (Chair of the Sub-Committee) and also the Clerk to the Parish Council.

I have noticed the draft Minutes dated 5th January 2017 seem to indicate the Village Hall Plans and drawings have altered since those originally published. An extract: "... The Sub-Committee accordingly agreed to request Simons to amend the drawings to accommodate the extended roofline providing a covered walkway..." being a specific reference to this.

The last comprehensive update on the Sub-Committee's work that I can locate is dated 15th November 2016.

Councillor Williams has since been in touch and advised "... the draft proposed plan has not really changed since August 2016...".

I have also been advised the next Sub-Committee meeting is scheduled for 21st February at 6.00pm, after which Councillor Williams will kindly provide a more detailed update for the blog, hopefully with some final drawings and diagrams.

More information on the meeting is contained in the Parish Council Report dated 7th February 2017 and I quote:

"Village Hall Rebuilding Sub Committee Report

Due to family commitments, the architect from Simons was unable to attend the last meeting, so final recommendations for the design of our new Hall will now be considered by the Sub-committee on 21 February at 6.00pm.  It is intended that the Sub-committee will then recommend a final design for consideration by the Parish Council at its meeting on 14th March, following which planning permission will be sought."

Village Hall - Accounts Y/E 30/09/2016

This link will take you to a copy of the accounts prepared by RBS Accountancy, Nocton.

Village Hall Management Committee - 2017/18

Following the Annual General Meeting on 30th January 2017, I requested details of the new Committee from Clodagh West and Joan Franklin. Unfortunately, the report from the meeting wasn't particularly clear who had been appointed.

I understand the following people have kindly volunteered their services:

Clodagh West [Chairperson]
Doreen Green [Secretary]
Joan Franklin [ Treasurer]
Lorna Store [Booking Clerk]

Committee Members
To be appointed [Nocton Community Primary School]
Maggie Smith [Nocton Art Group]
Lorraine Chapman [Nocton Social Club]
Ann Kennedy [All Saints Church]
MaryAnn Williams [Nocton Parish Council]
Sheila Wyatt [Nocton & District Women's Institute]
Ted Stoneham [Nocton Carpet Bowls Club]
Clodagh West [Village Representative]

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