Friday, 24 February 2017

Parish bills

Rising despite squeeze

I refer to my blog dated 3 February 2017 notifying details for the last Parish Council meeting.

There are now UK-wide reports of bills having to increase to cover local costs of running parishes.

Parish council tax bills rise despite squeeze

'Villagers paying council tax are seeing their parish bills rise at a higher rate than the share they pay to larger authorities.'

It seems Nocton Parish Council are not on their own in having to announce an increase. Our Parish is facing a % age rise for 2017/18 of 16.3%.

Next Parish Council meeting: Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 7.00pm

North Kesteven District Council - Council Tax 2017/18

At the meeting last night (Thursday 23 February @ 17.00hrs), the following figures were presented (see Appendix 6 for the total figures payable for Nocton):

Valuation Band
A. £1,066.69
B. £1,244.47
C. £1,422.25
D. £1,600.03
E. £1,955.60
F. £2,311.16
G. £2,666.72
H. £3,200.07


North Kesteven District Council
A. £103.20
B. £120.40
C. £137.60
D. £154.80
E. £189.20
F. £223.60
G. £258.00
H. £309.60

Lincolnshire County Council
A. £782.28
B. £912.66
C. £1,043.04
D. £1,173.42
E. £1,434.18
F. £1,694.94
G. £1,955.70
H. £2,346.84

Police and Crime Commissioner
A. £136.98
B. £159.81
C. £182.64
D. £205.47
E. £251.13
F. £296.79
G. £342.45
H. £410.94

Parish Council
A. £44.23
B. £51.60
C. £58.97
D. £66.34
E. £81.09
F. £95.83
G. £110.57
H. £132.69

Council tax rise approved for North Kesteven residents

'A council tax rise of 3.3% has been approved for residents living in the North Kesteven district.'

'Council Tax letters will be sent out after March 9 when all figures from other authorities have been considered by Full Council. Our figure of 3.3% will not change though. Please read more about Council tax here.'

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