Thursday, 9 February 2017

Planning decision - Wray's Yard

Outline application for the erection of 1 No. Dwelling (with access for consideration)

Location: Wrays Barn 3 Wrays Yard Nocton
Applicant: Mr Paul Goy
Planning Ref: 16/1464/OUT

I refer to my blog dated 1st February 2017. You may like to know the outcome of the Planning Sub-Committee meeting last night where this application was considered.

The outline application was refused 19 Against, 0 For, with 1 Abstention.

At long last, it seems North Kesteven District Council are now listening to local residents and the Parish Council regarding the over-development of our rural village, especially when considering the minimal services available.

Extract from the formal refusal letter

"The proposals comprise a level of residential development, which when taken consented developments within the village, would result in an intensification of its built form beyond what is considered to be a sustainable and appropriate level of development for the village as set out through the Submitted Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (including its Proposed Modifications document).

The proposals would therefore undermine and overbalance the role, function and rural settlement character of Nocton as a 'Third Tier Settlement' within the saved North Kesteven Local Plan (2007) and a 'Medium Village' within the Submitted Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (2016), and associated Proposed Modifications document, and would comprise a level of development beyond which is considered to be either necessary or desirable to maintain or enhance the vitality and character of Nocton's rural community.

Specifically, the proposals would result in (and compound) a growth level which is in excess of that set out through emerging policy LP4 of the Submitted Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (2016), including its associated Proposed Modifications document, and the proposal has not secured local community support as required through that policy in such circumstances.

The benefits of the development, including any comparatively limited support of services and facilities in Nocton, are significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the harm to the approach to creating sustainable development patterns, which respond positively to, and reflect the established role and character of individual settlements, as enshrined within the saved North Kesteven Local Plan (2007) the National Planning Policy Framework and the Submitted Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan."

Audio Recording

If you wish to listen to the audio recording of the meeting, please click on the link. This particular application begins at 12:40 and ends 36:30.

Key speakers
Planning Officer: 12:40 - 19:50
Mr Goy's representative: 20:30 - 23:40
Parish Councillor Kaye: 23:50 - 26:52

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