Saturday, 18 March 2017

Women's Institute - report

Nocton and District WI AGM - March 2017

AGM`s can often be a little dull and boring but not so with our WI. There was much laughter and interest during the business section where the present committee and President were unanimously voted to remain in post and everyone looked back with great memories and at times amazement, at the variety and amount of speakers and activities we have managed to cram in to one year. The success at various shows throughout the year is a reflection of the commitment and enthusiasm within the group not to mention the skills shown at bowling and darts.

The programme for 2017-2018 was distributed to each member and it is clear that this too should prove to be an exciting year. The strongly contended Ireson cup, which goes to the member with the most points over the year from the monthly competition held relating to the subject of that evenings speaker, was won by Jane. Julie, Chrissie and Maryann were joint second. The competition at the AGM was a personally written poem on the subject of Friends/friendship and during the refreshment break all the members present were asked to read the entries and vote on their favourite. Our president Sheila won, with Val A. second and Val M. third. Vicki won the raffle which consisted of the book “Cuppa tea and a Nice Biscuit” with an accompanying packet of deluxe cookies and a box of tea bags.

People Bingo followed on after the break. This was great fun though at times “head scratchingly” difficult trying to work out from the clues who each member was. Ann had done an amazing job of putting together a bingo-type card containing 20 clues after members were asked to send her two facts about themselves. Each of us then, by powers of deduction, clever questioning or sheer guess work went around trying to be the first to complete a line and then the whole card. The clues varied from “Biker on a Ducati” to “Schooled with Elton John but love of my life is “Bitter Creek””, “A wee Scottish Lassie” to “Wet and Wild at 40 then “Hello Sailor” at 50”. Janet won the line and Maddie the whole card and we learned amazing and often unknown facts about our fellow members when each person explained their own clue.

The next meeting is on Monday 10th April at the village hall at 7.15pm. It is an open meeting and promises to be a delight with Rachel Petheram giving a talk on “Flower Power- Growing and Posies”. The cost for non-members is £3.50 which includes refreshments.

More information about our WI is available on our website at

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