Saturday, 20 May 2017

Improvements to cricket ground

New fencing

There has been much preparation to readying the ground for the new cricket season. Not only has the wicket and outfield been attended to, but extensive pre-season rolling has taken place. April was one of the driest months on record and it has really helped with preparation for the first match.

As part of the extensive improvements taking place around Nocton Estate, the old boundary fence around the cricket ground is now being replaced. This is also having a side benefit of increasing the outfield area by a couple of metres (as can be seen in the photograph).

Plate 1 - New boundary fencing being erected

Plate 2 - View towards the village - a new cricket sight screen
under construction too

Plate 3 - Old fencing being removed
Plate 4 - Rails now fitted to posts

Plate 5 - Fencing almost complete

Plate 6 - View from crossroads of bridleway & footpath

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