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Nocton Village Hall - planning application

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Nocton Village Hall [2013]
Please refer to my blog dated 29th April 2017 regarding the plans for re-development of the Village Hall.


Any planning application must be made up of:
  1. The necessary plans of the site
  2. The required supporting documentation
  3. The completed form
  4. The correct fee.
On receipt of a planning application, the local planning authority (in this case North Kesteven District Council) will check to see if the application meets all the requirements. If this is not complete, the application will be deemed invalid until the requisite information is submitted.

If an application is deemed 'invalid', the applicant will be notified of the reasons in writing, unless the omissions can be ratified more efficiently by telephone or email. The local planning authority will not be able to further process the application, until the mandatory supporting documentation has been provided.

Planning application - Nocton Village Hall

I have been checking the Planning Portal at North Kesteven District Council regularly, but have not been able to locate the application for the rebuilding of the Village Hall. I therefore telephoned the local planning authority yesterday and was advised that the application has failed the initial validation. A letter to this effect was issued on 5th May and the outstanding information is required to be submitted by 19th May.

The planning application number allocated is 17/0581/FUL, but will only appear on the Planning Portal when the outstanding information has been received and the application finally validated.

If I am able to ascertain more information on the matter, I will provide an update.

Update [28th May]
The only missing document from the planning application was a Heritage Statement which Simons hadn't thought was necessary.

I understand the Parish Council have since drafted one a couple of weeks ago and that it has now been submitted and all is OK.

Hopefully the planning application will now be validated by North Kesteven District Council and will appear on their Planning Portal for viewing and comment shortly.

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