Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Nocton Estate - Beeswax Dyson Farming

Construction of relief access road

My last report on the work being undertaken to create a relief access road to the new farm complex was dated 18 July 2017.

I can now report the construction of this road is in its final stages. There is only the tarmac base and top coat to be laid, with remedial landscaping to be carried out.

This new private access road will enable heavy farm traffic to be diverted away from the old winding estate road between Top Lodge and Nocton Wood House, to which the public retain access rights, thus improving safety on the estate.

Plate 1 - Final deliveries of road stone

Plate 2 - Top level of road stone being compressed

Plate 3 - Kerbing complete; tonnes of road stone delivered;
base level of tarmac now being laid

Plate 4 - Tarmac equipment
Farm complex and other work

I have also reported on the extensive work to improve Nocton Estate - which is taking place alongside the everyday activity of running a large farming business.

Plate 4 - Nocton Wood House

Plate 5 - Alterations underway

Plate 6 - Conversion from private residence to new
administration centre of Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd
The farm complex is progressing well too. With the harvest underway the new grain dryers and storage facilities will be in demand.

Plate 7 - Farm complex near Wasp's Nest

Plate 8 - Case tractor with tillage system for soil management

Plate 9 - Crops almost ready for harvest
Finally, during my evening wander of the estate to gather the above photos, I couldn't help but snap a few images of the wonderful skies and the setting sun.

Plate 10 - Evening sun over Nocton Estate

Plate 11 - Stunning Lincolnshire skies


  1. Now the new buildings are working, have you heard the noise that they make. The dryers can be heard from miles away.

    1. Thanks for your comment - although I do wish contributors would leave their name, as I have requested many times. As a matter of fact, I walked over to Wasps Nest at weekend via the estate road and along the public footpath encircling the new farm complex site... and whilst the dryers were clearly audible, they were not too invasive in my opinion. However, as with most noise pollution, sound does carry depending on wind direction. That is not to say there will not be a change in background sound for close residents, for having lived near pumping equipment during farm irrigation in summer, I can appreciate how such things can be a disturbance, especially during the night. Once the ear 'tunes in' to a particular sound, it is difficult to tune it out. Things may improve once the mitigation measures have been finalised - such as the berm and landscaping. The site is still a work in progress of course.

  2. Interesting!! is it now possible to cycle from wasps nest on tarmac through to Nocton without passing a private road sign? thanks

  3. Hi Barry and thanks for your comment. I think the answer to your question will be 'No' - but you will need to contact Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd for full clarification of rights of way:
    Regards, Geoff


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