Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nocton and District WI - report

January 2018

So the excitement of the Christmas and New Year is well behind us and the Christmas trees and decorations packed up and put away. A January meeting always has the risk of being a bit of a disappointment but not with our WI. There was an excellent turn out and much chatting and laughter as friends caught up with each other and what the festive season had brought them. Within the business part of the meeting Annual Subs were collected and individuals gave in their votes for this year’s proposed WI resolutions. These include “Maintaining a Positive Body Image in a Digital Age”, “Stopping Female Genital Mutilation”, “Raising Awareness of Modern Slavery in the UK”,” Mental Health Matters” and “Healthier Mouth, Healthier Body”.

Once all the members have voted the matter goes to the National AGM in June for a final decision as to which Resolution the WI is going to campaign on through 2018/19. The WI has been at the forefront of many important and far reaching campaigns over the last 100 years – it really isn’t all about jam and cake making!! The final arrangements for the January Luncheon club were made and this year’s Lincolnshire Show schedule discussed. All five categories are open to us this year so plans and crafts need to be underway soon.

Delicious cakes and biscuits accompanied the raffle draw, a very pretty necklace, which was won by Jacquie and the results of this month’s competition – a most unusual mug.  Jacky won with her very interesting Elephant mug, with Maria second and Babs third.

Our speaker for the evening was Helen Keyworth who told us she started her WI life back in Nocton a “few” years ago. Members she remembered were well known from the village though sadly many no longer with us. Helen decorates pottery and brought along a truly beautiful selection of mugs, trays, dishes, bowls and wall hangings. She then discussed and showed us a number of ways and formats in which we could make our own plain white mug beautiful. Stencils, sponging and various images to trace could be used or for the more adventurous free hand drawing and painting.

We all had the same style mug as a blank canvas and the same six colours to paint on but by the end of the evening there was a wonderful selection of very different mugs. Helen has taken them away to fire so we all waiting with baited breathe to see our finished creations at the start of the February meeting.

That meeting is an Open meeting and brings the long awaited return of the highly entertaining and knowledgeable Paul Money with more “Wonders of the Universe”. All are welcome to this meeting including husbands and partners. The meeting is in Nocton Village hall at 7.15pm on Monday 12th February at a cost of £3.50 for non members.

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