Monday, 29 January 2018

Nocton Club - new Committee

Committee and Accounts

I refer to the AGM which was held on Thurs 16 Nov 2017 and can now report the new Committee for 2017/18 is:


Chairperson: Dan Marshall
Vice-Chair: Stuart York
Treasurer: Carolyn Cunningham
Secretary: Lorraine Chapman

Committee Members
David Rumbelow
Micky Hall
Gregg Coles
Maurice Hubbard
Kevin Clark
Mark Cunningham
Steve Tolley


I had intended to have the annual accounts for the year ended 30 Sep 2017 made available for publication, but unfortunately have not yet been able to obtain a copy.

Since the Village Hall Management Committee have released their annual accounts into the public domain, I had rather hoped that Nocton Club would follow suit. To this end, I have been emailing the Secretary of Nocton Club since 19 Dec 2017, trying to arrange the release of the latest accounts for publication. I have been assured that the new Committee agreed to publish these in my blog pages, so am a little unsure as to the reason for the delay.

My sole purpose is to allow the local community to see how our Village Hall operates in its totality. As with any public body, it is important for there to be openness and transparency.

I therefore emailed the Secretary again on 24 Jan 2018 and have since been assured a reminder has been sent to the Treasurer. I have also spoken with a couple of Committee members regarding this matter for good measure.

Please be assured, as soon as I receive a copy of the accounts, these shall be published online for your information.

Update - 2 Feb 2018

Many thanks to the Committee for releasing a copy of the Accounts for the Year Ended 30 Sep 2017 and also a copy of the Rules for Nocton Social Club.

This is very much appreciated.


  1. I appreciate your frustration, the accounts and notes will be with you shortly, however as you are the correspondent on village affairs wouldn't it have been a good idea for you to attend the Social Club AGM where you would have had access first hand to the accounts.
    Lorraine Chapman

    1. Thanks Lorraine. As I do not have access to the Terms and Conditions of Nocton Club, I wasn't clear of my eligibility to attend, not being a formal member. If you could also provide me with a copy of these to publish too, it would be most appreciated. Regards


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