Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Beeswax Dyson Farming - landscaping

Nocton Estate

I refer to my last blog dated 17 Dec 2017.

Great efforts have been made to retain and integrate the existing vegetation, but much work is underway to improve the landscape of Nocton Estate following the construction of the new farm complex and relief road.

Landscaping the 'relief' road - Cyclone Way
New trees being planted out - Cyclone Way

A programme of thinning and maintenance is being carried out to numerous trees and there is extensive planting of new saplings and mixed hedging whips, not just to help screen and soundproof the new farm complex, but also to provide a haven for wildlife and improve biodiversity. Saplings and hedging are being planted alongside the new farm 'relief' road (Cyclone Way) and wildflower-rich buffer strips have been added too.

Public footpath - maintenance and new planting
New copse, hedging and landscaping the bund
All this work will help improve the ecological enhancement and amenity value of the estate. It will also enhance the public rights of way in the area.

New gates - Wasp's Nest access to Private Road

New gates - Nocton Wood House access to Private Road
Any fencing that has reached the end of its serviceable life is being replaced as well.

Farm complex with triple row of screening and new fencing

Nocton Cricket Club

I refer to my blog dated 14 Nov 2017.

Following approval of the planning application to replace the old cricket pavilion, I am pleased to report that work is now underway to demolish the wooden structure. In time we will see a new pavilion emerge, hopefully to be enjoyed during the forthcoming cricket season.

Nocton Cricket Pavilion - work underway
Feathered visitors in the adjacent field - Greylag geese

Report of the 2017 Season

Nocton Cricket Club review dated 28 Oct 2017.

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