Thursday, 19 April 2018

Beeswax Dyson Farming - potato store

Groundworks underway

I refer to my last blog dated 23 Feb 2018 which reported that planning approval had been granted for the construction of a new potato store.

You will see from the following photos that work has commenced in delivering the underlying foundation for the new potato store. At this rate, it won't be long before steelwork is being erected and we will see another building in place to complete this impressive modern farm complex.

Plate 1 - soil clearance and bund creation

Plate 2 - stone foundations being laid and rolled

Plate 3 - stone delivery in progress

Plate 4 - tonnes and tonnes of stone

Plate 5 - location of potato store in
relation to the farm complex 

GP Planning Ltd

"GPP have recently assisted Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd in obtaining planning permission for a new Potato Store facility adjacent to their existing farmyard complex on the Nocton Estate, Lincolnshire.  The state of art Potato Store facility will be 90 metres long by 56 metres wide and 12 metres high.

Potatoes are required to be stored in a fully insulated building that is suitable for controlling the temperature and condensation levels. The proposed Potato Store will hold up to 7,500 tonnes of potatoes per annum.

The proposed building will have a controlled ventilation system, which allows crop respiration heat to be removed and the crop to be dried and cooled. Fans are positioned to create a flow of air through the crop. Cooling will be achieved using an ambient mechanical cooling system (fans) by internal recirculation of air (without cooling) to eliminate temperature variation.

We are really pleased to say that planning permission was granted in February 2018 before the statutory determination deadline, in the main because we provided a sufficient amount of detail in the Planning Application submission to avoid any ‘pre-commencement’ planning condition requirements."


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