Thursday, 10 May 2018

Nocton Social Club - thanks

Beer Fest Weekend

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved in the Nocton Beer Festival over the last few days.

Big special thanks to Stu & Steve for the set up and planning of the event as well as their efforts each day, to Caz for her epic support throughout and her ever amazing cakes, to Pitmaster Greg for his hours on the grill on Sunday, to Lorraine for her selfless volunteering at the bar and to my amazing wife Vicki for baking stunning breads & serving fab Belgian waffles despite being 7 months pregnant, and of course to our stalwart Bar staff (Amy, Dale, Kat & Tamara) who worked their behinds off to serve the masses. And to everyone else who made this event the success it was.

Finally, I would like to thank the people of the community of Nocton & surrounding areas who came out in force to support your local club. You are our life-blood and the reason we volunteers have the passion to keep this important social hub going. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed the event but know that the money we took will all be invested in the future of this key facility. We are as ever a non-profit, volunteer run, social enterprise for the community. As we move towards the eventual rebuild planned for later this year, we aim to come back with a modern, fit for purpose facility that will be an asset for many generations. Events like this weekend are essential to generate the funds needed to set this up.

Thank you all and I hope to see you in as many numbers (if not more) at this years Oktoberfest at the end of September before we plan to close.

Yours most gratefully, Dan Marshall
Chairman, Nocton Club

P.S. there is still some great real ale left so please make the effort to pop down at some point this week to enjoy the range of great quality real ales. We pride ourselves in providing for you the best and most interesting beers that most Village pubs would be most envious having on their bars. Cheers.

Source: Facebook - Nocton Social Club

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