Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Nocton Hall - 17th Century


John Townley died in 1609 and was succeeded by his son Richard. Immediately after the Restoration Richard was compelled to sell Nocton to repair the breeches made by endless fines for not attending the Protestant services and for loyalty to the Crown.

Lord Stanhope

Charles, the second and last Lord Stanhope of Harrington was the purchaser and a Thomas Sergeant was instituted to the Vicarage in 1661. Lord Stanhope died in 1675 and was followed by a distant relative, Sir William Ellis-Bart, MP for Grantham, who inherited a large fortune from his uncle, Judge Ellis, whose monument may be seen in Nocton Church.

Sir William rebuilt Nocton Hall, and also built a banqueting suite in which he kept open house, providing 12 dishes every day whether any guests came to eat them or not.

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