Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Nocton Hall - the younger son of the Third Earl

Henry Lewis Hobart

The younger son of the third Earl of Buckinghamshire was instituted to the Vicarage of Nocton on April 8th 1815 and to the Deanery of Windsor 1816. Henry Lewis Hobart had seen little of his parents, who lived mostly in smart London society. The children were often left at Nocton in the care of nanny Field, the Steward’s wife, to whom the Dean erected a monument. This can still be seen on the West wall of the present vestry.

During his office as Dean of Windsor, Henry officiated at the funerals of three Kings: George III, George IV, and William IV. One of the Kings died while Henry was in residence at Nocton - and the story goes that Henry hurried to the hayfield, exhorting the haymakers to make haste, as he wanted the horses to take him to Windsor to bury the King.

Henry Lewis Hobart died at Nocton vicarage on May 8th 1846.

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