Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dunston Pillar

Stone engraving

I have various images of Dunston Pillar, but unfortunately do not have all the information to be able to give full attributions.

Dunston Pillar - 1751

Dunston Pillar - with King George III statue

Another image of Dunston Pillar - with King George III statue

Passing by Dunston Pillar the other day, I decided to call in and my own photograph.

Dunston Pillar - August 2008

The remains of the bust of King George III are in the grounds of Lincoln Castle.

Bust of King George III - located in Lincoln Castle grounds


The stone engravings can be seen on the pillar, but are very difficult to decipher. However, there is some detail about the inscriptions on this website: Dunston Pillar - MACLA.

If you study my photo of Dunston Pillar, there seems to be more extensive than that mentioned and I found this image - which is also interesting:

The most useful website that solved the whole puzzle for me is:

Further information can be located on these websites too:

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