Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Nocton Trail - Theft

Brass plaques removed

It is such a shame... with scrap metal prices at an all time high an opportunist thief has removed some of the brass plaques erected as part of the Nocton Trail.

Fortunately, the perpetrators have not removed all of them (e.g. see the photo of the water pump), as it appears the thieves were disturbed.

 Water pump
Water pump

After all the hard work and energy of the local people, working in partnership with ArtsNK to enhance Nocton, it is a real shame that some dishonest people set out to make a quick buck without thinking of the implications for others. Hopefully they will be brought to justice in time... but somehow I doubt it.

The Nocton Trail can still be enjoyed though and there are many wood carvings situated around the village depicting the natural flora and fauna.


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