Friday, 2 April 2010

Nocton Dairies Ltd - information

More letters

Extra traffic would be big factor in dairy's daily life.

Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Action taken by this organisation in response to the Nocton Dairies application:

Information Leaflet

This leaflet is in the process of being issued to all residents in local villages.  You can view the leaflet here:

In the leaflet, links have been provided to this, our local village blog, and to the website of Nocton Dairies Ltd.  You will find a substantial amount of information about the planning application and the dairy industry in this blog.  Nocton Dairies Ltd also provide answers to a wide range of questions on their own website.

You will probably note that much of the information available is based on research gained from intensive dairy units in the USA or Canada.  This is where large-scale dairy farming has been carried out for many years, providing much of the evidence of the potential impacts.

Western Europe has never experimented with intensive dairy units of this size.  In particular, the UK has no experience of dealing with, or legislating for, the many environmental and public health issues that may potentially arise either.  That is probably why the e-Petition has been drafted on (see below).

It is important for you to come to your own conclusions on this matter.

Early Day Motion - Update

There are now 150 MPs who have signed this Motion.  It is receiving support from a cross-section of all Political Parties.

e-Petition @ Number10

There are now 770 846 910 989 1,018 signatories to this petition.

Nocton Parish Council

I am now pleased to report our local Parish Council has its own dedicated page on the MACLA website, alongside Metheringham and Scopwick Parish Councils.

You can find details of your local Parish Councillors and Clerk, a Copy of the Standing Orders, Parish Council 'news clips' and links to North Kesteven District Council information.

It is hoped that copies of the meeting Agendas and Minutes will be posted online shortly, so you will be able to see what the Parish Council is doing on your behalf.

The Nocton Parish Council responses (dated 4th March and 19th March 2010) on the Nocton Dairies Ltd planning application are also posted for viewing.

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